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  • JPBaldwin - Honestly, a great, well rounded game.Overall, I want to make it clear that I am writing a biased review. I have played through the Diablo releases since the original release of Diablo (the first game).

    I understand that the servers weren't completely ready for the amount of people that logged in on the night of release (Seriously, millions of people were trying to get on, what do you expect?), but I digress. That should not make a difference on the overall thoughts of the gameplay.

    This game had a nostalgic effect on me. Seeing some of the atmospheres in the game seriously brought back some great memories. I appreciate how they really pushed for this.

    I have completed through the first difficulty (a lot of play time, (sue me, it's summer)), from this standpoint, I am certain that I have room to state that the overall quality of the game deserves the rating that I gave it. The combat is awesome, it has a hack and slash feel to it, which, I really don't mind because I am used to mindlessly clicking my life away.

    The story of the game completely blew me away, I wont give any of it away because I thought it was so great and I don't want to spoil it for anyone; however, I will say that it was honestly one of the most refreshing and thrilling stories I have progressed through in a long time. (I literally had my freaking feet tucked up on my chair during the cut scenes (that might be because of the amount of love that I have for the story).

    So like I said, this game is great. I would buy it all over again if had to. Completely worth 60 dollars. I'm still not even close to being bored and i'm on my second play through.

    Seriously, buy this game if you enjoy a great hack and slash RPG game, or if you want a great new game experience.
  • Carsh - Form your own opinonI have read many of the reviews here and one in particular stuck in my mind. It is written by someone who admits to only skimming the book but feels it is appropriate to express opinions as fact. I find it sad that many have replied to her thanking her for saving them the money and wasted time.

    I have READ the first 3 chapters so far and have found that this individuals opinions are not based on the information in THIS book! I feel that the information presented and the medical explanations behind the information to be reasonable.

    It is likely that everyone who looks at this book has tried a number of things to try to lose weight before and either didn't keep it off, didn't lose at all or is just open to learn about a different approach.

    My point is please don't let one person (who has not read the book and has probably not even tried it for a day let alone long enough to know anything about it) make your choice for you.

    I'm going to continue reading and I will try it for myself to see what my results are, how I feel and if the approach outlined is something that will work in my life.

    I invite you to do the same as I have also read the success stories that can be found easily on Google. They can't all be wrong??
  • Tina "busy mom" - Fabulous Audio BookI had listened to Wolf Hall and loved it. The writing was wonderful and the presenter/actor brought the whole story to life. When I heard Hilary Mantel was bringing out a sequel I wondered if it was going to be as good. I was not disappointed! It is just as well written and acted. If you have any interest in English history then you'll love this. I originally borrowed both of the books from the library, but enjoyed them so much I bought them from Amazon. I hear there is to be a third book in the series and I can't wait for it to be written and published.
  • oldned92 - Gets better every yearI have been using this software for many years since it was Kiplinger Taxcut and am very happy with it. I used to buy a box from the store with the CD in it, but the past few years I have just been downloading the software direct from Amazon at a better price. Now it has added the capability to download all relevant 1099 data (including 1099-B stock sales to complete form 8949 and Schedule D) from Schwab and E*Trade so it is easier for me - I have to actually key in very little info. With the E-file feature I have been getting my refund direct deposited in about 2 weeks. Tax preparation now is really fairly easy and quick, as I never have to worry about reading the IRS instructions or keeping up on the latest changes. I will continue to use this software and recommend it.
  • getterdun "getterdun" - Great For Cleaning Car Windows and Ceilings TooI discovered a new use for our Swiffer that I want to share, since it might save someone else some time. If your front and back car windows are hard to clean by hand, try this. First, unsnap the top section of the Swiffer handle, giving you about an 18" handle with the Swiffer head at the end. Then, attach a small microfibre cloth to the head, spray some car window cleaner on the cloth, and wipe your car windows. It actually makes doing this fun. After I wiped mine, I attached a dry microfibre cloth and wiped them again to dry them good.