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  • MC Salander - Too cute for words!My husband bought these for me. I LOVE seeing the smiles on people's faces when they spot the car on the road or see me getting into or out of it. It brings so much cheer! And I always know where my car is in the parking lot. :-)
    You do have to be mindful that they're on the window when you open it. My car has an option to power the window all the way and I've occasionally had to get out and retrieve an antler. Apart from that, they're perfect.
  • A.W. - Insane!!!Coming from a Motorola Xoom this tablet is a nice breath of fresh air.Everything works & works extremely well I might add.The Wifi works just as good as it did on my Xoom.Maps works great & instantly locked on to my location.The screen & images on the Prime are breathtaking!! Had a ipod touch (4th gen) which is the same as Ipad (big ol ipod touch) The stock browser on the Prime works beautifully ,everything from page rendering & scrolling is as smooth as silk.I'm blown away.This is the tablet that puts the nail in that fruit flavored long rotten apples.It's Primetime!!
  • C. Bailey "Oasis Computers" - Works great on my board,,Works installed on the ASUS M4A89GTD Pro USB 3.0 motherboard (was on the QVL list), 3 year warranty as well, installed Win7 SP1 no office programs just for gaming installed Battlefield 3 just have 50gb free, just right I don't play many games but if you do get a larger SSD, also no firmware updates for this SSD.

    Oasis Computers
  • Dragon Wolf - Slow Cooking But The Best Tasting With The Most Flavor!This infrared grill has become an all time favorite. It is not at all like gas or charcoal grill. It is considerably slower than the standard grill over the years. But it makes up for it in even cooking without burning anything to a crisp. The heat is gradual and well distributed, only leaving burn marks on the outside of meat or vegetables. You don't even need to watch the grill, most of the time. Just knowing when to turn everything over is the only time when your needed to uncover & check the grill progress. It will smoke more than the average grill, but that adds to the smokey flavor. The center cuts of meat stay juicy at almost any amount of time on the grill. The flavor of anything is magnified in this grill. So if the vegetables or meats are not very fresh or as a special flavor. This taste will be enhanced while using this grill. They recommend using cooking oil on the grate but it is not needed. Just put the burgers, chicken, & etc. on the grill and turn it over when ready. Recommend using bamboo utensils since the grate is made of porcelain.

    After assembling the grill, make sure to preheat the grill for 30 minutes for the first time before use. Also double check all the nuts and bolts in two to four weeks after assembly. Sometimes the heat will loosen a few bolts or nuts, but it is just all part of just getting started.

    This is a whole new way to grill, so hope you enjoy it.