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  • Alex Nayeri - Pink Floyd Album to have!If you are a Pink Floyd lover, this is an album to own and listen to often. It is truly a masterpiece! I never get tired to listening to it because it so well made and lyrics are so well written that, in my opinion, it will never get old no matter how often you listen to it. It is truly a timeless piece!

    I recommend to anybody who appreciate an artistic musical piece!
  • Florence Weeble "Flo" - G.C. is an amazing supplementI only use products that I like, and that work well for me. Why bother with stuff that is less than what I expect? I have been amazed by garcinia cambogia. (Anyone considering the supplement should look it up and learn of its qualities). It curbs my appetite very efficiently. It's not like I want to starve myself, but I just want to eat with moderation and feel satisfied. Part of being able to curb the appetite is overcoming insulin resistance. I have had a problem with that in the past, but I am noticing the GARCINIA CAMBOGIA GOLD helps me quite a bit. I am no longer on prescribed medication and I feel fine. There is no need to pay exorbitant prices for this supplement when NutriGold's costs so little. My son paid over $30 for a bottle of 1000mg pills. I paid less than $10 for 500mg caps, and all I have to do to get the same dosage is take two capsules instead of one. Same effect, big savings.
  • Jimmy Jack Fielding - Killing a man.Excellent History Book. Good Job Bill. This book illustrates that there have always been men and countries that are willing to do what ever is necessary to whom ever gets in the way to get what they want. Guess the Roman's were no different. The story goes on today. Except Jesus has out lasted them all. I would recommend this and all of Mr O'Reilly's books. JJF
  • wrxbabe04 - WOW! kicking myself for not reading it soonerWOW.

    Not going to lie, I was really, really bored with this book when I first began it. But people just kept talking about it. They would not shut up about it, so I just kept pushing on. It took all of my concentration to really read it and so much effort it took to just get through it.

    There was so much ... "fluff" shall we say? Fluff that I felt could've been scrapped.

    I don't want to spoil this book for anyone, so I will not reveal the plot twist. But my GOD. Wow!!

    This was definitely a psychological thriller than any mystery thriller. For me, it didn't go as fast in the beginning. Everyone said to keep going, keep reading, just wait, just wait. So I plunged along and man! I knew that if I gave up, I would've missed out on a really good story. I'm glad I stuck it out. It was a good story. But it's not a favorite. Like the shock factor is there all right, but couldn't say that I would necessarily re-read it. Not to say that if I did re-read it I wouldn't pick up on more things, but this just was a one time book for me, because the big reveal, man behind the curtain is known.

    Overall, slow beginning, almost to the point where I wanted to give up, but the plot twist was very good, and then the ending was just so-so. It still took me for a rollercoaster ride, which everyone was saying that it would do, so it definitely delivered.
  • BP "-BP" - I am now a SUPER HEROMost super hero comics books begin with a normal man or woman encountering dangerous strains of bacteria, spiders, and often times, radioactive materials. I know this about comics, because I have all of them. As I too want to be a super hero, I purchased this Uranium in hope that after I exposed myself, I too would possess special powers.

    IT WORKED. After I ingested the entire container (in a pizza pocket), I started to notice a change in my physique and behavior. Almost overnight, I lost the 40 pounds that had plagued me since the fourth grade. My neck beard and other hair immediately disappeared... as I found shaving an annoyance anyways. I stopped eating and sleeping, which is awesome because you never see super heroes eat OR sleep. When my mom forces me to eat, I usually barf and poop blood uncontrollably for 12 hours after - I think this is my body telling me I no longer need food for sustenance.

    As far as I can tell, my main power is that I can now play WoW twenty three hours a day without having to leave the basement.

    Thanks Amazon!