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  • Born in Kansas "MK" - Newly DiscoveredI have resisted purchasing a GPS for some time now since I only take about one long road trip each year. Instead, I always map out my route using Mapquest or Google Maps. And then print out the routes which is pretty "old school" and very cumbersome to reference while driving. And of course referring to traditional paper maps is a pain since you have to refold them down to manageable size when driving.

    Then I discovered this great tool, which I didn't even know existed. I just received it and loaded it on my laptop and I am very excited to use it for my next road trip this summer. It is going to take me a while to familiarize myself with all of its features, so I will come back to this review in a few months after I get to use it, and add further comments. Now, I will be able to pre-plan my route on the laptop and simply flip it open while driving to reference the mapped route. Yeah! No more paper. One feature that really intrigues me is information about heavily congested highways and how to avoid certain routes. When I have taken by family on driving vacations to the gulf coast of Texas, from Kansas, I absolutely detest driving I-35, anywhere there is a city, large or small. Dallas is a nightmare to go through. You can walk faster than the traffic flow (always under construction), and then when you get outside of small towns along the route, like Waco and many others, it seems that traffic slows to a crawl for no apparent reason. So, hopefully this feature will be able to direct me to some detour routes which are not as heavily traveled.
  • Janice Williams - First one was a giftThis product was sent to me as a gift from my cousin, it was almost out and I decided to reorder it, and to my surprise it was sold by Amazon, I love it , would not replace it, asked my doctor if it was okay to take, he agreed , so I'm in for the long hall. Would recommend to anyone needing a little push.
  • Ebonyeyes83 - I think I'm in love!!!This is by far the most informative and easiest breakdown of how the body stores and breaks down fat. I'm ready!!!! I'll be starting the program on Monday and I'm looking forward to a WONDERFUL, HEALTHY New ME!!!

    Thanks so much Haylie! I'll be reposting after I've finished the entire program.