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  • PhiloX "PhiloX" - After Weeks of StudyAbout 10 years ago we were given an older used Kenmore 10 stitch sewing machine that started losing its tension as time went on. Therefore we went on a quest for a newer modern machine with the basic stitches & foots. We didn't want a Brother (beginner), Kenmore (discontinued & some are manufactured by Janome), or Singer (not what they use to be) sewing machine but needed a step up in quality but below the price of a Husqvarna Viking. Janome offered the best price with build quality, features, & extras (8 foots). It seems like most sewing machines have a LIST price while selling at a SUPPOSED discount. Why not make the LIST & the DISCOUNT the same? We wanted to spend around $500.00 & the DC2012 fit the bill. The DC2012 is this year's model of the DC2011 (2011 & 2012 are the year models) & seems to be the same machine. The small LED screen shows only the 2 digit numbers for the stitch patterns, length, & width of stitch. One main button controls 3 modes (pattern, length, & width) which changes within a triple cycle each time you press the button. Within each cycle you enter a 2 digit number with either an up or down button. This is not very modern & is definitely not like Husqvarna Viking's software or screen but at least is a $1000.00 cheaper. On the plus side: the Janome DC2012 comes with 8 foots, 4 bobbins, & several tools. When you receive the machine & open the box, most of the extras come in one bag except 2 items: the Buttonhole foot is in the accessory box under the needle plate & the red felt is tucked within the Even Feed foot. The manual is well written & in a logical order unlike our PFAFF coverlock manual. The best thing I can write is that the Janome DC2012 is very quiet & easy enough for a man to sew even if he never sewed in his life. There are some videos of the Janome DC2012 in You Tube & in Janome's web site that can help you get a general idea about this well-made machine.

    Update: my wife just tested the buttonhole foot & was very impressed.

    Place the button you want to use on your clothing into the back holder of the buttonhole foot. The size of the button will tell the sewing machine how big to make the stitch totally encircling the place where the hole needs to go. Amazing!!!

    2nd Update: sewing mostly custom pillows with no problems.

    3rd Update: the throat (distance between the needle & main body of the machine) is rather small & it's hard to run blankets through the machine. We bought a Juki TL-2010Q to do finishing work. See my review on this sewing machine.

    4th Update: when adjusting the length of the thread you lose some tension. The Janoma DC2012 doesn't self-adjust. My wife now gives a rating of 4.5, but is very pleased with everything else.
  • M. Larsen "GadgetGirl" - Apple eaterI waited for 2 months for this tablet, and it was worth the wait. Screen is amazing, ICS is very zippy. The tablet is very thin, light, and attractive. I hate to put it in a case. I cannot wait to get the keyboard.
  • Michelle - Very inspiringI would defiantly recommend this book. It is a very inspiring life changing book. I remember watching the news updates regarding Elizabeth's disappearance here in Utah. I remember praying many nights for her safe return. The day she was found I remember kneeling down and thanking God and breaking down in tears so happy she was alive and able to be reunited with her sweet family.