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  • Kitchen geek - LOVE this hose!Compared to the heavy, clunky, mess that was our hose this is brilliant. It weighs almost nothing when empty, fits in a small space, and so far, has held it's water like a champ. Only drawback is having to empty it completely, which may waste a bit of water. But if you plan right you can water that last bit as you empty it.
  • Thaddeus Hall - P90XI have had multiple surgeries that were paramount for me to survive. I have no large intestines or bowels. I have a pouch that catches all voided digestion. I fight to keep any weight on. I have fought the last 3 years for any growth, emotional and physical.

    Believe it or not I started this program with an open mind. My physical abilities have grown beyond my initial desired goals and now I am adjusting them upward. My sleep is deeper. My body has adjusted. I have done my best during each workout. I am just finishing up week 4. I am not able to keep up with each move or rep. I adjust all moves as Tony suggests and I continue to gain flexibility, endurance and strength.

    Show up with the right attitude each day. Do your best and forget the rest. I have brought it each workout thus far and even though I am not going to run around without my shirt on, I could if it wasn't for the pouch and the road map of scars on my chest and lower abdomen. I am starting to look great. I feel amazing after I have taken my recovery drink. My diet is much different because of my new plumbing so I don't follow the menu suggestions that came with the program.

    My future has opened up. All problems come with opportunities. I have the opportunity each day to do the work and have the right attitude. I thought my life was going to be limited always (I was repeatedly told as much). It isn't. This program is a key ingredient for my future. I am extremely grateful to all those who have made this possible.

    I was told by doctors and others that I shouldn't ever expect to have that which I have already, physically. How amazing is it that I have exceeded everyone's projected future physical abilities? I know each day presents more or different challenges. I also know that my journey has only just begun. I would offer thanks to all of those that made this program available!!!
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    The best news from Andy's take on the current state of SEO is content and authority matter more than ever. This is great news for content-driven sites based on expertise. If you're in the practice of engaging visitors with quality and valuable content, the latest Google search updates swung in your favor.

    I recommend this book to those who want to better understand Google's direction in search and gain a broad perspective of how quality content and authority may affect your online presence.