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  • Beeves-Crumpton - An exceptional young lady and equally smartI thank Elizabeth Smart for opening up and telling her story. It brings to the forefront the importance of protecting children who are not able to protect themselves. Most importantly she sends the message to let other victims know they are not alone. She shows how to take a horrible experience and become a survivor and a stronger person. She also has reinforced the power of faith.
  • Y. Lo - It seems to be working after 6 monthsI'm 33, Asian, my top crown area started to thin about since a year and half ago. Didn't want to go for any chemical drugs because I didn't want to mess up my kidney/body by their side effect. Also the sex drive side effect is very scary. I also looked at Rogaine but I was afraid of the heart-beat side effect because I'm a very devoted soccer player. I just can't stop playing soccer for any reason. So I decided to give this hairmax a try. $550, not very cheap but I can afford it for a chance, why not, right?!

    Started using it since March 2008, 3 times/week, 15 minutes each. From April thru mid June my hair GOT WORSE, lost more hair, and the top crown part had a clear 'hole', the horseshoe style. (I kept taking pictures to monitor the results) so i wondered why and did some research on the internet and found that it's called 'shedding' period,it happens to some folks and i was one of the 'lucky' guys, but it was actually a good sign of new hair is about to grow out.. Oh well I had already begun using it so I thought to myself if I stopped there I'd have lost the hair and didn't have a chance to get anything back.

    So I kept using it. From mid July til now, mid Sept, I'd say that it clearly shows good re-grow of the hair, the crown hair has thicken and I could see many baby hair were there too. Very thrilled about the result, didn't think it actually works!! I'll keep using it until my comb dies, then I'll buy another one! Another tip is sulfate free shampoo, I highly recommend you guys start using sulfate free shampoo, just use any brand, doesn't matter. Sulfate really kills your hair.

    Oh one thing I forgot to mention is that hairmax also made my hair looks healthy from day-one, that was also one of the reasons why i kept using it even the shedding occurred.

    So the conclusion is, it took about 6 months for the hairmax comb to work on me, so if yours doesn't seem to work for you in the first 2-3 months, or even 5,6 months, KEEP USING IT. THe result wasn't crazily good like the before/after pictures shown on their website, but it is certainly good enough to keep me a happy customer and I'll certainly keep using it!
  • R. Ramos - Better than PES 2011I have bought each release of PES since 2008. The 2011 edition was the worst, IMO. Although I am not used to the new features of the 2012 edition yet, I am really excited about all the possibilities these new commands bring, i.e, to be able to control another teammate when you are attacking, etc.

    I play it almost with my friends in league championships, online or in game parties, so I could not talk about "become a legend" and "master league" modes.

    The online mode works perfectly, as did with pes2011.

    Konami did a great job.
  • Ariani - great tablet more than i expectedIt does everything I need ; entertainment, reader, notes, and great audio the nearEst audio from all devices....and you should definitely join the amazon prime...it's amazing click any book you want (almost all sin has fee) and read for free the same for movies tv shows. And you will appreciate the wide bezel. You can hold the tablet with on hand without touching the screen (iPad mini and google nexus have to narrow of bezel ) plus you can upload data straight to device via the usb cable
  • whatisis - excellent parenting program even for RAD kidsI bought the disks and listened to them in the car. They were so good I listened twice (The only thing I didn't like is they kept slipping out of the folder.)

    I also signed up for the weekly emails and they are always worth reading.

    Called the help line once and there was a real person who helped me to calm down and think through a plan.

    I have started modifying my approach with my 3 kids and got immediate positive responses. It helped even with my son who has attachment disorder, which is saying alot.