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  • C. G. Smith "Curt" - Well-researchedAslan has done his homework. The historical perspective clarifies many questions about Christianity's Jesus. It confirmed many of my personal views and leaves the faith option in tact if needed. Some may feel "That was then, and this is now," but it seems to me we are up against a similar "empire" as our democracy faces an invasion by plutocracy.
  • Eric Keel - I Want to be RadicalSo I love to read, especially books that challenge me and the way that I'm living. Radical by David Platt has done exactly that. David Platt challenges us to actually take Jesus at His word. He challenges us to stop trying to live and chase after the American dream, but to live out God's design for our lives. He tells us that God wants us to go out and make disciples of ALL nations. I was floored to read about the number of people who don't know Christ and those who have never even heard of Christ. David Platt holds us accountable, and shows how we are failing as an American Church when we see and hear of so many who have never heard the Gospel. He calls us out on the fact that we are living extravagantly when a countless number of people die every day from starvation and treatable diseases. We are more concerned with our success than the eternal state of people's souls. This book is a call to change your life and live out the Bible, and it will make you uncomfortable. We are provoked to love extravagantly, to pray for others daily, to give of our time, our money, and our resources until it hurts. I'm taking this challenge. This book has helped me to take the focus off of myself, while I still struggle with dying to myself everyday. I have realized that Christianity is NOT about me at all, it's not about what God has done for me, but it's about God, period. God did not save me for my sake, but He saved me for His namesake, so He can be glorified. God is the only one worth glory, honor, and praise. I would recommend this book to any follower of Jesus Christ who wants a deeper and more real relationship with God that takes the focus off of ourselves. David Platt has been used of God to convey the truth of God's word even though it may not be an easy pill for many to swallow.

    I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.
  • Kathleen Horn - Great Color and ProductI love my new MacBook Pro cover! It is a great color that perfectly matches the picture. I've gotten tons of complements in class when I take out my laptop. The cover is extremely light weight and slim so it fits into my bag perfectly without weighing it down. The product was shipped quickly and snapped right on my laptop like a glove. I love the keyboard cover, because it adds a pop of color while I am typing. It does make my typing a little slower than usual, but it's not a big deal at all. I am planning on buying more colors of this same product in the future! Definitely a great purchase and for a great price.
  • P. Y. Yu - It is faster and more reliable than inkjet printersI used to use laser printers in my office. Then the color inkjet printers became so cheap and convenient that I completely forgot about the laser printer. Recently I found that the ink cartridges are getting so expensive (they are becoming a rip-off!) and last so short that I decide to go back to the laser printer again (their price has become competitive with inkjet printers. I like the much higher speed and more uniform quality. My print outs look more professional also.