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  • Rayven Michelle "Keep Living and Loving Life!" - Great Book on Getting the Most Out of Singlehood AND Getting Prepared for MarriageAfter TONS of failed relationships, I figured that I was the problem. Thankfully, a friend recommended this book + I was not disappointed. It really opened my eyes to why my relationships had failed. It also showed me a better approach, which has definitely been working for the past 5 months. Excited for the future while I'm enjoying being single!
  • USAF SF - Simply put, the best of the best.I have used multiple tablets in the past but have never owned one until now. I was uneasy about purchasing because of the early model WiFi/GPS issues, I am happy to report this tablet is fully functional. It looks absolutely phenominal, even though I wanted the Champagne color (I thought the Amethyst Gray would be too purple). It outperforms every other tablet I have put it up against. I actually purchased mine from Gamestop because it was a package deal that included 5 games and a gamepad, but thought I would review here because I purchased accesories from Amazon...

    It is a huge fingerprint magnet, but my recent purchase of the Skinomi screen protector (dock compatible) has solved that issue. Additionally because of the width (or lack thereof) I would strongly suggest a protective case, I purchased the Poetic 2-in-1 lightweight case which adds a minimal amount of width to the tablet; most importantly it fits perfectly under any circumstance.

    One thing, not really a con just something to keep in mind is that it's so much smaller than I had originally pictured and it takes some getting used to using a slightly cramped keyboard. However the placment of hotkeys on the dock are extremely helpful/useful.

    At any rate, if you pride yourself in being a well informed consumer (as in you spend hours researching before making an actual purchase) and you are on this page considering this purchase, DO IT! You won't regret it, best tablet/somewhat replacement laptop on the market right now. One last thing, I will include a video shortly which is why I didn't go through the effort of including my amazing case and other accesories...
  • Laura B. "Laura B." - "Must have" resource for upcoming tripI have gone on 3 WDW trips now. 1 - 20 years ago 2 - 8 years ago and 3 - coming up later this year. I have ALWAYS purchased that years edition of Birnbaum's Guide because it is just SO helpful. Easy to navigate and find info you are looking for. Great "insider" tips that make life easier while you're there. For anyone planning a trip - buy it!!