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  • Ali Julia - No problems! Tip on how to find registration key-code includedI've used H&R Block's tax software (formerly called TaxCut) every year since 1995. Several times when I saw a promotional deal I purchased both TaxCut and TurboTax to compare. I found that TurboTax did not do anything better than TaxCut while costing consistently more. In addition, I like the option of being able to file 5 free Federal e-files as I do taxes for other relatives who are less computer savvy.

    If you encounter issues with display, such as not seeing selection boxes, check your screen resolution. Both Windows and Mac minimum requirement for the screen resolution is 1024 x 768 pixels or higher. At a lower resolution H&R Block software will have problem with display such as not properly displaying selection boxes. Screen resolution can be changed on your control panel by change PC's display settings.

    I just finished a preliminary tax return and below are my observations. Note: the forms are not final until January 10, 2013.

    1. H&R Block software comes in three packages Basic, Deluxe and Premium. The software consists of three module the Basic module is shared by all three packages, the Basic and Deluxe package unlocks a new module which is shared by Deluxe and Premium, and finally Premium unlocks another module unique to it.

    What is the difference between Basic and Deluxe? Deluxe provides guidance with taxes on investments (interest, capital gains, stock options, and dividends), home sales, and retirement income which Basic does not. Deluxe helps with mortgage interest deductions and real estate taxes. It has a DeductionsPro module which helps valuating non-cash charitable deductions.

    I am a including a photo (under customer photos) of a table which shows what is included in each package of H&R At Home (Basic vs Deluxe vs Premium).

    2. As of 11/19/2012 videos for tax law changes were not available yet (the prompt said coming soon).

    3. Minor pet peeve: Help is not context sensitive. For example, when you click on "learn more" about a particular topic the general help window opens but it does not show help topics for the specific topic that you were working on. Instead you need to search and know which words to use locate the relevant topics.

    5. Copy and Paste from Interview screens is not possible. Sometimes I wish to do it for some issue as a reminder to myself. My solution is to do PrintScreen (holding ctl key, shift key, and PrintScreen key at the same time). This generates an image of the screen, which I paste into paint or photo editing software which I can print or save for later.

    6. I don't use the default location for the tax returns due to how I set up my backup software. The H&R Block software does not initially remember this new location on the second start of the application, it told me I have no returns. I needed to pick the return manually from the File menu, as it did remember recently used files. The third time I started the software, it finally knew the location of the tax return file.

    7. I use large font option on my monitor display and in the past had display issues (some things were displayed on top of each other). This year all forms displayed properly with this option. Nice!

    10. H&R Block Deluxe entitles you to 5 free federal state e-files.

    11. The price on this package changes day to day. I found a nice tools that shows history of Amazon prices. If you enter "price history alert" in Google it will come up at the top, it has the word camel in the name. I find this tool very helpful. You can set up an alert tool to email you when your desired price has been reached.

    A note about registration glitch for the digital download
    Last year I run into a glitch a solution to which I want to include again for those who might run into the same issue this year.

    After I installed the software and started it for the first time it prompted me to enter a key-code. The prompt said that I should have received in the email after purchasing the software, however the email I received from Amazon did not contained a key-code. I had to call Amazon support and they told me that this information can be found following these steps
    1) Log into Amazon
    2) Select Your Account at the top right of the page
    3) Select Games and Software downloads which is towards the bottom of the long page you see when you log in
    4) Then under H&R software entry you will see the key-code that you need to enter to unlock the software

    I have been a H&R Block/TaxCut user for many years. The interview process is helpful in reminding you things you might have forgotten. So I am quite pleased with it and recommend it!

    Ali Julia review
  • review1234567 - Great resource against fear-mongeringFirst of all, I am appalled by Amazon's policy of allowing reviews from people who clearly haven't read this book, as well as allowing the customer reviews section to be overwhelmed by FAS moms who have turned a usually helpful feature into their own forum to scare and badger pregnant women into submission.

    Secondly, it appears to me that a lot of people seem to be missing the entire point of this book - Emily Oster isn't prescribing anything to pregnant women but giving them the research and tools to make their own decisions. With her PhD in economics, the author is, in fact, quite qualified to help analyze and filter through the myriad of studies regarding pregnancy to allow her readers to make their own intelligent and informed decisions. Additionally, Oster directs the reader to conduct her own research to reach her own conclusions.

    As a pregnant woman who feels as though she has been subjected nonstop since even before her pregnancy to the fear-mongering and medical-industrial scare tactics, I welcomed the point of view from another intelligent, educated woman who refuses to accept advice from a doctor just because he or she is a doctor. What other wonderful advice have doctors imparted over the years that today has turned out to be useless at best or harmful at worst? Everyone's in such a hurry to tell pregnant women not to eat lunch meat, sushi, or drink wine, but why doesn't anyone say anything about pregnant women eating at McDonald's or feeding their unborn babies nutrionally-void foods, like all the processed and chemically-laden crap that's on supermarket shelves these days?

    I digress. To conclude, I believe Emily Oster has written a wonderful resource to be read in conjunction with many other pregnancy books, so each pregnant woman may make her own intelligent and informed decisions regarding her pregnancy, as each pregnancy is as unique as the mother and baby growing together.
  • twobobs - killing lincolnI am 70 years old and I have just read Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly. I thought it was one of the best books I have read in years. There is information that up till now I had no idea about. This should be made mandatory reading for all high school kids. The facts are presented and there is no ox to gore.
  • J. A. Thompson - WHICH MAN FOR ALL SEASONS?As a retired professional historian, I feel like I understand the entire Tudor period better after having read this book. Ms. Mantel has a gift for bringing personalities and their world to life that is generally beyond the talent of most historians. But I would say that the reader should not start with this book. Read "Wolf Hall" first. Ms. Mantel has created a plausible and even admirable historical persona for Thomas Cromwell who is known as Henry VIII"s "hatchet man" who managed the English Reformation in Parliament. She also gives a completely different slant to the character of Thomas More, who was canonized by the Catholic Church for his defiance of Henry VIII. Instead of the "man for all seasons" of Robert Bolt's play and the subsequent movie version (played best by Paul Scofield), More is portrayed as an extremist who tortured and killed men and women of the new reformed faith and thus later got something of what he deserved. The early history of other major players in the religious conflicts of 16th century England is also intertwined in the lives of Thomas Cromwell and Thomas More. Thomas, Cardinal Wolsey was originally Cromwell's patron and employer. Thomas Cranmer, the Archbishop of Canterbury who gave Henry VIII what he could not get from Rome --- a divorce from his first wife Katherine of Aragon ---- was, like Cromwell, sympathetic to the new ideas of the Reformed faith. Both of them were often put into dangerous political and social perils by their connections to the new queen Anne Boleyn. Stephen Gardiner who will play a larger role in the reign of Henry VIII's daughter ("Bloody") Mary is also one of the men Cromwell and Cranmer had to politically thwart in this period to stay alive.

    In the end (which should be in the forthcoming third book of this trilogy), Thomas Cromwell will meet the same end as Thomas More. He will be executed for his "offenses" toward Henry. But what strikes me most is that Cromwell was the champion of the common man of England, and the nobility around Henry's court never let him forget it. Being "common" he was expendable in the same way Anne Boleyn was.

    But in the next century, almost in poetic and historical justice, it is Thomas Cromwell's descendant, Oliver Cromwell, who will teach the English crown that the rights of "freeborn" Englishman and their representation in the institution of Parliament are not to be trampled. It will be Charles I and later James II who pay for the arbitrary way justice was dispensed to individuals high and low in earlier periods. So, one can rightly see the subject of these books, Thomas Cromwell, as a much better "man for all seasons." He tried to balance serving his King with his concern for the common people around him who often fed at his table.