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  • James Helton - Excellent product, quick shipping.Great product and was very easy to put together. This product is a must if you have the Bowflex SelectTech 552 or 1090 dumbbells. Contrary to other reviews, the stand was actually easy to put together and took about 45 minutes to assemble. However, you MUST read the instructions FULLY before starting, and do not tighten any of the hardware until told to do so in the instruction manual. Otherwise, excellent product. I love it!
  • John Pund "Cycling nut" - Great indoor bikeThis has got to be the best indoor cycle I have ever ridden. The simulated incline/decline with resistance is stunning and iFit allows for custom rides anywhere google maps goes. Will try the live streetview mode using a tablet as I ride next, as the sudden change in tension when you hit a hill can be alarming at first and I usually like to plan ahead and attack higher intensity hills with a higher cadence in a high gear. Great design in the 2012 model with integrated bottle holders and an optional tablet holder. Stoked about being able to ride my favorite streets from the comfort of my home, no matter the weather outside.

    Keep in mind this is a very heavy product and setting it up will require at least one other to cart the box around. Unpacking and carrying the pieces before assembly on another floor is highly recommended.
  • Joshua W. White - Made my Fiesta Cool and ComfyJust like the website says, the Ford Fiesta is missing something! And Boomerang has made a Grade A+ product with this armrest! The armrest integrates perfectly into your fiesta, and makes driving better then before. The entire armrest feels like a very solid build, so you won't worry about it breaking. The pattern of the armrest matches perfectly with the interior pattern of the Fiesta, so it appears that this armrest came factory installed. The only thing that anyone could complain about is the inside storage space of the armrest, there isn't that much of it, but if you know this before you buy, then you won't be disappointed! The installation process took literally 20-30 min. and that is probably a little overkill on the time. I am not mechanically inclined, and I had absolutely not problem installing this armrest, I recommend installing it yourself, and saving the extra dealer cost! Overall I would HIGHLY recommend this product, it is absolutely amazing!
  • Juan Mauro Garza - Amazing, Incredible, and InspiringI've seen the movie but have not read the book but i'm pretty sure the is the thing as the book. i feel really sorry for Bethiny when she the age of 13. I'm only 10 yrs old and i admire her (Not that I lost my arm).
    I admire her because she competed in the regional championship and the national championshi with only one arm. I also admire her because when Thailand had the tsunami she participated on taking a flight to Thailand help out kids and families. When she was in the water just belly surfing, other kids joined her to belly surf.
    That is why I admire her her.

    Please read my review
  • Melissa Hall - Purchased this for my husband for father's day.Immediately upon opening the package, the excitement he felt was reverberating across the room. He could not help himself, he immediately removed the cruddy shirt he was wearing, to bless his body with the 3 wolf shirt. The smile on his face once the shirt touched his skin was contagious. Now, he said "you better be careful, you know that I'm a serious chick magnet in this thing". I have yet to allow him to wear it in public. I am driven crazy by him in this shirt. Not so sure what the draw is, I was not so fascinated by the shirt in the box. However, once he put it on, I could not keep my hands off him. This shirt has rejuvenated my marriage.

    Thank you 3 wolf shirt.