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  • R. Ketterl - Got it in the mail today! AmazingReceived my Transformer Prime (Gray, 32GB) in the mail today from Best Buy. I must say, this think is unbelievably good. Definitely the best android tablet available. I won't do a thorough reviews, since there are dozens of those (just google it). But I will say that I am very happy with this purchase, and pleased that Asus got them out before Christmas.

    Seven months later

    This tablet has been so great. Since the original review, I have bought the keyboard dock and the rooCASE Executive Portfolio (Black) Leather Case Cover with Landscape / Portrait View for Asus Eee Pad Transformer PRIME 10.1-Inch TF201 Tablet. It does have a random reboot about once every three weeks, but it really doesn't bother me. I'm a pretty heavy techie, and using custom ROMs and overclocking this guy has been great. I recently brought it with me to a coding competition and impressed all the other nerds by playing Ocarina of Time at 60fps. Yeah, its pretty legit.

    Plus, with the free GPS dongle Asus sent out, I can instantly lock on 14 satellites and tether my Galaxy Nexus to for data... giving me one beautiful navigation system for the car.
  • Gaston Pouliot - Asus Transformer Prime TabletI like it and I used it, more and more as time goes by. I just regret that I have not choosen the 64 GB instead of the 32 GB. I would like to have more memory on my tablet. Also, I didn't received the color I asked for my tablet. The tablet delvered was colour Gold instead of Champagne. But, it is not a problem, just a little deception
  • Larry M. Chaney - FYI, SoloFill Cup V1, refillable Vue cup just came out. sold At BBBFor those of you who gave the Vue V700 one or two stars mostly because of the lack of a refillable cup, or the lack of choices for flavors of coffee, well there are no more excuses. Solofill Cup V1, which appears to be exclusively sold at Bed Bath and Beyond Stores (Just purchased mine today for 20 bucks). It appears to be the very first customized Refillable Vue cup, and the reservoir that carries the coffee is huge, allowing a large amount of coffee to fill into the Vue Cup fill area for those larger cup sizes. What's even better is one can take advantage of those, "Strong" settings now. I can now drink my Dunkin Donuts coffee, and not have to go hunt down a store that actually sells the Vue packs that pretty much don't exist anywhere else than online or at BBB stores. Yay for Solofill. FYI, this product is sold on Amazon, but is currently out of stock (As is expected) but you can find it at this web address:

    ( http://www.amazon.com/Solofill-Refillable-Filter-Keurig-Brewers/dp/B00B0ZMNOU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1362524670&sr=8-3&keywords=solofill+Cup+V1+gold )

    Hope this helps you all out there. I am sure this may cause an onslaught of people to hit up Bed Bath and Beyond, so go get your refillable cup. I was shocked when I saw them. I was like, "That must be a K-Cup in the wrong area," than at closer inspection, I realized it indeed is the new design for the Vue cup. I didn't even give it a second thought. Its a ripoff, but they can do that when they have a monopoly, since no other brand, including Keurig has even made one of these refillable cups yet. Keurig isn't in a hurry, since they want to keep selling those Vue packs that are at price premiums that are ridiculous. Enjoy!

    due to the flawed design, which does not properly allow even disbursement of the water throughout the reservoir, resulting in watery, crappy coffee. I don't recommend this at all. Its' a ripoff gimmick, trust me. Wait until Keurig comes out with one that actually works.
  • judym - Must have for road trips.We first bought Next Exit a number of years ago so we are just updating. There is no substitute for this book if you're traveling on the Interstates. It's easy to use and extremely helpful in locating food, gas, whatever you need while driving. It's especially helpful in areas where services are few and far between - you don't have to wonder where the next gas station is, this book will tell you.
    Don't leave home without it!