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  • Joseph Remy Jr. - I enjoyed this game since beta.I love this series. Though many of you had issues at launch and during beta, I had no problems at all. The game works great and I never get disconnected randomly. The servers are always open though I have a distaste for the game being always online. The graphics are well-established and it is nice how several cities of different players will interact with each other and the region as a whole. I would buy this game again for a friend if I had the money...
  • Brian Harper - Great way to make your TV smart!!!The KDLINKS A100 couldn't perform better. Installing was simple because there really is none. Hook the HDMI cable to your TV plug in the provided power adapter, and your done. I have mine hard wired for greatest connectivity but I am sure the Wi-Fi would work great as well, provided your router and internet speed are up for streaming. All the great apps are available through the play store and firmware updates are provided through the KDLINKS website. I recommend doing the firmware update as soon as you hook this up. The device will go from Android 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 and clean up the interface. Other than that an optional keyboard is nice if you plan on surfing the web and I prefer a tablet look so I added Nova Launcher after setting up but it a personal preference.

    I would highly recommend anyone looking for a device to stream web content to get the KD Links A100. You get much more hardware with this over the Android sticks and it comes with a remote.