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  • Jason "J." - X5 Stean CleanerI bought the H20X 5 in March and love it, It cleaned my carpets almost like new U used the power hose part on the kitchen sink and bath floor they both look like new almost. THEY need work. I puy this for a loved one whom is sick of looking at a 5 year old dirty sink or bad looking floor. It really dies work. Just follow the directions it comes with and yoy will be happy too. It came with brushes I havent used tet and the carpet spot remover it came with really help remove wheel chair tire dirt. Just take some extra time with hard to remove stains. this unit really does work well better then the Shark or bissel models and its lite wait too.

  • dd - My gastroenterologist recommends thisMy GI doctor says this is the only probiotic that has been medically studied as effective. It works to calm my GI tract.
  • Chris Hamburger "chambs" - Wore in a fight!I had some beef with this dude named Scooter. His sister and I got it on a while back and after we broke up, he was pretty sore that i was the one that took her v-card, on account of himself wanting that pleasure.

    So anyway, Mable tells me that Scooter is lookin' to fix me up real good for deflowerin his sister.

    I run myself on home around noon, ripped off my Justin Bieber Heart baseball tee and threw on my Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee. I wasn't sure what would happen but I knew Scooter meant business when I saw him at school wearing his muddy overalls. He was fixin to get his hands dirty today, and I wanted to be ready.

    About 3 PM the bell rings and we all exit out the building. I heard my name being called from behind the crowd. I turned and saw Mable standing there trying to block Scooter's path. So I says to Mable I says, "Rectum? get outta the way!" She moved all 400 pounds of her beautiful body and Let Scooter get a good look at my Mountain Three Wolf Moon Short Sleeve Tee, and BOYYYY he stopped dead in his tracks!

    The power of the wolf howl left him there standing in a pool of his own pooh, haw haw, he looked like a horse that got into the bucket that MAwMaw churns in the barn every Sunday. He was sadder then a clown on a pixie stick in Alabama mud, haha.
  • Smoak - Completely gentle and fabulously effective!!I tried this rinse for cleaning up my cigar breath. I was using so much mouthwash that was alcohol based, that the inside of my mouth always felt raw and burnt. When used in conjunction with Katz's toothpaste, I attain clean enough breath to where my wife is pleased. I highly recommend this product!
  • Prad..The Gadget Man - Work Pretty Well...Its the first day with thi printer....IT works Great

    1) Has a WPS connect button which automatically connected to my router

    2) It configured all the details by itself

    3) Tried some wirelsss printing, All works well...Nice crisp and Good speed of Printing.

    4) Downloaded the iPrint app for the phone,

    5) Tried scanning a phot directly to the phone 300 Dpi scanned and received o the phone

    6) Send the scanned photo to my mail to check if the feature works, Yupp it does!!

    7) Checked the scan quality..Pretty good for the price..I have seen better but at the price i got it (under 40 $) nothing beats it.

    8) Tried printing from evernote and Drop box...yupp that works too

    That completes my testing....All in all a wonderful all in one printer for the price..

    Higly reommended if you are looking for nothing fancy but just a neat way to print wirelessly.