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  • E. Mays - Worth every pennyThis device is for you if: you read every day; you read more than one book a month; you love having a book with you every where you go; you hate waiting for the paperback to come out to save a few bucks off the hardcover price; you like to read more than one book at a time; you also read magazines and newspapers; you can't get your favorite newspaper delivered the same day it comes out because you live in the country; or you want to save the environment from the paper waste of magazines and newspapers; etc.

    The Kindle is very, very easy to use. This product works off CELLULAR signals, not wireless internet, so its easier to obtain books you want. I have been poolside and had someone recommend a book and purchased it as they were speaking! Its wonderful!

    Since you probably love paper/bound books as I do, you will likely still buy hardcopies of the ones you like and want for your library. Its like previewing a book before buying it.
    The cost to download a book is a good value, so if there is an author or book I'm not certain I will enjoy, I don't mind paying for this less expensive version.

    The selection is very good, though not vast. You can have old favorite books, religious manuscripts, novels, periodicals, a dictionary, etc right at your fingertips without the internet and without the bulk. And once you have downloaded it, its yours and its backed up online at Amazon where you can re-download without repaying. And you can mark a page or make a note in the book as you're reading; something I liked to do and which took a toll on traditional books.

    The Kindle is wonderful. I'm waiting for my second one to ship to me(someone walked away with my first one.) Get it. You'll love it.

    Happy reading.
  • Freethinker - A new way of eatingAs a hardcore long-life dieter, I can honestly say I am stunned (in a wonderful way) with this plan. I'm not even calling it a diet because this plan can be easily followed for life with some added personal preferences after the extra weight is dropped. I was looking for a program that would NOT starve me, made me lose muscle and/or made me sicker than I was. I had a heart attack a couple of years back and I needed to lose weight in order to control my blood pressure. I also needed to radically change my diet as to lower my bad cholesterol,raise my good cholesterol and lower my triglycerides. Believe me, I have looked, and tried many, many, MANY diets with limited or no success. I heard about this program and I immediately bought the book. As I started reading it, I soon realized that this book just makes SENSE. The information contained in this book is sensible, and can be followed by anyone interested not only in feeling and looking better but in getting healthier while doing it. This plan calls for people to drop unhealthy habits and addicting foods and that makes it hard at the beginning, but the longer one stays off caffeine, sugar, alcohol, fake food and junk, the better one feels. I DO recommend this diet without any reservations.
    I'm happy to report that I'm now finishing my first 28 days (one more day to go) and I have not felt this well in a looooong time. I'm off blood pressure medication as it is under control. I have lost 13 lbs. and 3 1/2 inches from my waist, and my energy is through the roof. I'm planning on continuing this plan until I lose another 20 lbs. I need to lose, and then will continue tis plan for life with a few modifications to suit my lifestyle. This is a keeper!!!
  • CrowleyHawks 24 - Best games everMLB 13 the show is just another great baseball game realeased in the franches. From the new camera angles to the pregame batting practice i have no complaints. i got this game 2 days after it realeased and a week later im over 100 games in to my road to the show 3 basemen and 30 games into my boston red soxs franches. So in fact this shows i have a very hard time putting it down.

    over all best baseball game on the market and out there for the ps vita