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  • 1821 Reviews - A practical "first read" primer to get you thoughts organizedI just started considering opening my own firm and going solo after quite a few years of medium firm private practice. I never though of solo practice as something I would ever want to do-- thinking it very daunting and more stressful than straight employment in a larger firm. However, after speaking with other colleagues who had made the transition, I grew more comfortable with the idea. But where to start? How to keep from forgetting something? I do not want to start only to fold a few years later as my expenses get away from me (a real possibility in this new economy). I didn't want to start haphazardly or spend money on something I really didn't need and forget to invest in something I did need. I want to be organized and in control right from the start as much as one can be with a new business. The other books lawyers and friends of mine swore by as being the "must have book" for anyone who wants to fly solo seemed dated or out of print. I wanted a "first read" book that was as current as it gets, that considers today's current economic climate as well as considers the growth of the internet, technology, virtual spaces, and social media as options and factors to consider. I can say that as a up to date primer, as the initial book you buy when you have no idea how to begin, THIS IS THE "FIRST READ" BOOK FOR ME.

    The tasks ahead seemed huge-- this book put things in a more manageable perspective. As a person generally adverse to taking personal risks without ensuring as much financial security as possible (and who isn't in this economy?) this book provides an up to date, easy to read, topically organized outline of what you need to think of and plan for before you take the plunge. It is well organized, taking you through several key sections in its table of contents: (1) "The Decision" - the pros and cons of deciding to go out on your own; (2) "Planning the Launch" -setting out preliminary business and legal steps before you hang out your shingle (and the first section I read which helped me tremendously); (3) "The Practice" -giving very helpful practice pointers as you start and grow your business and client base; (4)"Solo Marketing" - outlining marketing in today's modern world (no dated information that I can see but I admit I am not tech savvy); and (5) "Solos in Transition" with some great Q/A sections and comments from attorneys who have made the leap in real life. It is very easy to pick up this book and just skim through it or jump ahead to a particular chapter for general ideas before reading it cover to cover. It helped me consider things that I didn't even realize were issues and options. I especially liked how with a lot of sections it very clearly states the PROS and CONS for you to consider right from the outset. It helps me organize my thoughts and prioritize what areas I still need to research further. It does not provide check lists per se, I still need to create my own "to do" lists, but it helps make the task more manageable. I also appreciate that it is highly aware of ethical and legal issues even as it provides you an organized summary of the practical decisions you need to make in opening and running as solo firm.

    The book's tone is frank, open, and not condescending. There is a lot of practical advice and dispelling of rumors. There are useful quotes and anecdotes. It offers objective advice and takes time to remind the reader of possible pitfalls as well as alternatives or non traditional business solutions. It will still require however a great deal of other research and time pricing out options before I make certain decisions, but the book provides you with a framework to make those decisions as you price out your options in starting and then running your future firm. I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a comprehensive source list or bibliography of other print and electronic sources in this text. I do note that there is a companion book to this one on Amazon which I have not yet purchased which may fill in those gaps.

    I will say I probably will invest in other books focusing on particular areas of practice or business to gain more in depth specialized information, but as a comprehensive starting point, this resource fit my needs, my style and provides critical up to date information of options, issues, pros, cons, and concerns in today's market. This is a great first and foundational resource to read at if you are considering solo practice for the very first time.
  • Megan, FL - compact, powerful, and EASY to cleanWe replaced a Jack LeLane Juicer which was a pain to clean. The nutribullet is SO easy to clean it is no problem to use it multiple times a day. It is powerful--can handle ice cubes and frozen fruit, nuts, etc. The recipe book is great. My husband is using the nutribullet 1-2 times a day rather than go on Lipitor for rising cholesterol. He has lost 10 pounds over the last month with ease...we are waiting on the cholesterol results. I am a Registered Dietitian and love the fact that you don't lose any of the fiber with this product (vs. the juicer) also that you can make a complete "meal" using vegetables, fruit, and a protein source in a short amount of time making compliance more likely. Also the cost is very reasonable. We have had our nutribullet for a few months, use it daily, and have had no problems.
  • Katarina_Kiki - Fantastic!Why are people ranting about the format? It is not badly organized. Anyway, this book is stuffed with interesting facts, and I love the creepy crawly fact file! It is also great how it really tests your knowledge, like on pg. 16, myth conceptions talks about how the tallest mountain is NOT Everest. I love it!
  • J. Scott Elder "JSElder" - Great Product At A Great ValueSoftware arrived quickly, and in good condition. Did not actually install from the CD as I already used Norton Internet Security and had updated the software to 2012 version on my previous license. So, I basically bought it for the key to provide another 365 days of protection. Key installed perfectly, and Im protected for another 365 days.