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  • Paisley's mom - 2nd Baby GymWe almost didn't buy this because we already had one baby gym that our baby enjoyed very much. We are super happy we decided to go for it. Our baby loved kicking her legs and loved the music so much. There are 2 modes... one plays a little tune when it is kicked and the other the baby can create their own tunes like a reg piano. Our little girl is a toddler now and we don't use it anymore (even though it is suppose to switch to a toddler toy). The piano doesn't disconnect from the base so it is too big to have out for her when she isn't using the majority of it especially since we have a few other pianos. The fact that she didn't use it in the converted toddler position does not take away from our satisfaction with this toy because she enjoyed it so much when she was an infant. I can't wait to have another baby and see them enjoy it all over again! Great purchase!
  • julie - bought refurbishedI wasn't sure if I want to buy a used or refurbished tablet period, but I'm so glad I did. First off I loved this tablet from playing around with it in a few store and I feel it's equal to if not better than any iPad or kindle. They Tab is perfect for my mom and she can barely use a computer. She surface the web, watches movies, and listens to her favorites songs. Her keyboard and screen are very responsive and a good size. This was a really great buy and I have no regrets.
  • J. Reyna "melodywhr" - the diablo iii experiencei'm going to start out this review by referencing the number of likes this game has over the number of one star reviews. it's a pretty interesting sub culture that exists, those kooky haters of the blizzard/jay wilson/activision/d3 camp. they feel like they've been misled, cheated, lied to... over intellectual property. a video game. of course, if you've ever been to the blizzard/ website then you know what i'm talking about. maybe it's just part of today's culture. everyone can be invisible on the internet yet scream like a banshee and be. heard!


    diablo 3. d3. diablo iii. when i heard diablo 3 was in development, i wet my pants. not literally, figuratively. but being a huge fan of the franchise and after massive killings of baal and mephisto and all of those nasties (hunting for uber-diablo anyone?) i was ready for the next step. i was ready to hang up wirt's leg looking for the secret cow level hoping to find those fantastic uniques. the fabled stone of jordan. well... i was going to have to wait. quite a bit, actually. i never really kept my finger on the pulse of the game's development but from time to time i would hear things. i would see screenshots or a low quality youtube video. and every time i saw those things, i would get excited.

    and when diablo iii was announced, i had nowhere near the hardware to support it. but i didn't care. i scrambled towards resolving that problem (i was building a better computer for music production anyway) and when diablo was released, i think i waited a few weeks before i actually got my copy. okay so maybe i'm not quite the fan boy but after more than ten years, it was finally here. hearing deckard cain again was like seeing my long lost uncle and i never knew it but oh how i missed those squawks of the fallen.

    the world blizzard created is artistically detailed, dark and beautiful. the action is visceral complete with flying body parts. the characters are reminiscent of the originals and they wouldn't be complete without the barbarian or the new ranged warrior, the demon hunter. your level increase opens up the possibilities of your skills and they are completely changeable. there is no chance that you can screw up your build because your skill-tree points are un-removable. you can try out as many different builds as you like and this kind of freedom within a video game is powerful stuff. if you have the imagination, there are all kinds of combinations you can come up with. or if you like old-reliable, then that's there for you as well. you fight your way through the story line in normal, nightmare, hell and finally inferno difficulties all the way up to level 60. and once you've reached that milestone, you have 100 more paragon levels to achieve, each paragon level increasing your root skill and an inherent 3% gold and magic find. at level 60, each time you kill a champion or elite set of baddies, you gain one point of nephalem valor up to a stack of 5 which also increases your gold and magic AND gained experience % (in inferno only - you do gain NV in the lower difficulties, but you do not gain experience points towards paragon leveling). with 5 stacks of NV in inferno, there is an automatic guarantee that at least one RARE item will drop. and if gear running isn't your thing, blizzard introduced the in-game auction house. back in the d2 days, there were all kinds of ebay auctions and dedicated websites that would sell you d2 items or services or characters and people would get ripped off or the items they were buying were duped and so they'd go POOF after a while... you can buy items with gold (in the gold AH) or you can buy items with your credit card/paypal/ balance aka REAL MONEY in the RMAH. there is some opposition to the existence of this in-game but it really is a great option. and it is just that: an option. you can play the game from beginning to end and never step "foot" into the auction house. this is just one more way that this game is awesome.

    if you are familiar with blizzard and/or diablo 2 then you are familiar with patches. these usually mean a continued development environment for players. at the time of this review, d3 is at patch 1.0.7. some of the things i've talked about were not in the opening release of the game. nephalem valor for instance. paragon levels as well. there's been various changes the development team decided were needed to help balance out the characters. classes skill getting nerfed or buffed in some way or another. one of the other great things about blizzard is they want to hear your feedback and they do. even if that voice is shrill and unnerving. that doesn't mean that decisions that have been made that you don't necessarily like are going to get changed back or changed in your favor. because every time something is changed, the diablo 3 community usually finds some way around it or another way to do it. you can look at the evolution of the whirlwind barbs or the critical mass wizards to see what i'm talking about. there are lots of things in store for diablo 3 and that's just one more thing to look forward to. a player versus player style arena is still being promised although it's been discussed since day one. there are probably ideas that the community hasn't even thought of that are in development. and i'm sure that expansions are in the future for d3 players. of course, one of the most exciting announcements recently was that d3 is coming to PS3 and the PS4. it's gonna be awesome!

    diablo iii isn't the kind of game that you play once and you get bored. if you don't grind, if you don't play, you won't find better gear or get more gold to buy that gear... with the inclusion of MONSTER POWER and increased chances for legendary drops as well as increased leveling percentages... if you'd rather spend your time whining on a gaming forum, you won't ever accomplish anything in-game.

    overall, diablo 3 is a great and welcomed addition to the diablo franchise and i'm looking forward to seeing what's up next for the old devil.
  • Andre Pau - Samsung Tab 10"Hi bought this Tablet for my partner so she could keep up with modern trends and apps
    well pleased we do everything on it now including the monthly shop /top-up.
    Its such a handy device and has all the speed and portability of a laptop but a 1/4 of the weight.
    Touch screen takes some time to get used to but works well once you use it a bit more and become familiar.
    Ideal device and would recommend to all work or play 10" is much better than its smaller 7" and ideal for more mature users. Would rate a good 9 out of 10
  • Assim - I don't understand the negative reviews!This game is really awesome, everybody I know enjoys the game just as I am doing, I just don't understand the negative comments over here. Sure, you have to be online to play even it's for single players, but that's not a reason to say it sucks, they do that for piracy issues and to save your progress and stuff.

    I can't stop playing this game, it's just amazing! It's fun to play, enjoyable, you want to know what's going to happen next, etc.