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  • J. Cross "J. Cross" - just June'sThis is the first of Jan Karon's books that I have read. It was recommended to me by a friend because I said I had enjoyed Patrick Taylor's books about the Irish countryside. I loved this book and have researched all of Karon's books that seem to follow with the same characters. I plan on continuing to read them in the order written. This book is an easy read, has events that will leave a smile on anyone's face and you come to admire the characters. Just a great storyteller I can say about Jan Karon.
  • - The easiest diet I have ever been on !I started this diet 4 weeks ago, and as of today I have lost approximately 22 pounds. I think it's the greatest. Every morning I have bacon and eggs then for lunch I have chicken fajitas without the tortillas of course! Then for dinner I have a steak, hot dogs, sausage, or almost any meat I want. I have tried weight watchers, pills, exercise equipment but, this seems to work best. My doctor thinks it is a safe diet. It is healthier than being overweight. I have noticed inches coming off faster than pounds. This book has the most information in it of the 2 books Dr. Adkins has written. Also the little carbohydrate counter is very helpful. I would advise anyone overweight to try this diet for 2 weeks, then see what you think. I was skeptical at first, but now I love it!!
  • Kevin A. Patterson "Musician, gamer, avid rea... - The True Next Gen gaming console!I received mine on Launch day and love it. it works great, is quiet, and games are beautiful.
    I bought a PS Vita and it works wonderfully with the PS4, Resogun on the Vita is a blast.
    This is the console if you want the best graphics and best performance, if you care as much about TV, Sports and Media, get
    an Xbox One.

    The controller is fantastic, coming from the Xbox 360's and the Controller S for the original Xbox, I am very happy with the DS4.
    I wasnt happy that Amazon only provided packing material for the top of the box though, nothing was padding the bottom of the box.
    I was surprised they shipped it like that.
  • Rashawna - Inspiring!As a women about to enter the workforce soon, with a vision of management in my future career, Lean In really inspired me! Her stories about the way we, as women, think about ourselves and our accomplishments are right on point. I found myself nodding my head and agreeing to her insights. But her advice on how to break ourselves from these "societal rules" are great! Very eye-opening and leaves me feeling stronger and more passionate about wanting to increase the amount of women in management positions in the US.