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  • Ask Althea - Great communications replacement including phone...lolI love this tablet. Of all the droid tablets, it's the most functional because it has a keyboard.

    Pros: Aluminum case, auto update to latest ICS with zero issues, GPS dongle - Asus fixed the problem instead of ignoring it, great screen glass and very responsive/accurate, extra connection slots - USB, micro HDMI, extra life with the keyboard/docking station. Basic desktop apps in the office bundle that are enough to make edits but not robust enough to replace MS Office. Lighter than my laptop or the only HP tablet with touchscreen (though I like that, too). Love the Android apps. NO NEED TO BUY A WIRELESS CARRIER BUNDLE. Meh, I use my Verizon Mi-Fi when I need it, but Wi-Fi is almost ubiquitous. It's a great phone with Skype or my Vonage mobile app. Will eventually tether to my mobile phone, but I like this better than the mobile phone because of the screen size, so may go the other way and drop my mobile carrier

    Cons: Had to root it to remove all the bloatware. Managed to do it without bricking it, which is sort of scary, but tons of root support out there in the universe. Even more functionality now. The GPS dongle (need it, but hate it). Because I have Mi-Fi, I don't have distance issue to a Wi-Fi hot spot. I prefer the aluminum case to plastic. Upgrade options - always need more storage and memory. Wondering about Windows 8 on this tablet...

    Got it at a fantastic price on Amazon about 4 months ago. The price seems to be jumping around a lot. If you want it, watch the price and pounce when it goes below $600. If you hate it, you can return it in 30 days.
  • R. J. Williams - A Nurse Practitioner says buy this bookIf you are prepping for TEOTWAWKI and do not have a medical background, THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK YOU MUST BUY! Covers home remedies that work, how to treat 75% or more of the conditions and illnesses encountered in a grid crash situation, sanitation and nutrition. Buy this book, you will not be sorry.
  • frank - Ultimate Floyd.Let me start out by saying this is the most underated Floyd album ever. This record is pure genius and the lyrics are even more fitting today than they were back in the release of this album in 1977. Roger Waters paints a grim picture of society and hits the nail right on the head. I've been a Floyd fan since 1971 and Animals is by far one of their best albums. With that being said, I have to say this is the absolute worst recording I have ever heard for this album. I have owned ever single version of Animals, 8 track, cassette tape, vinyl record and multiple CD versions. This is garbage. How this can be called a remaster is beyond me. I have a pretty good high end stereo and when playing this CD it makes it sound like a fisher price pile of crud. The best recording of this album is on vinyl. When I saw this on amazon and read the reviews, I thought could it really be a decent mix of this classic record after listening to all the other sub par flat sounding versions. I will be using this as a coffee coaster because that's about it's good for. Such a shame, a fantastic album and no one can get it right. Do your self a favor and don't waste your money on this garbage. You want to hear what this record really sounds like than find your self the vinyl version of it and play it on a quality turn table. I'm willing to bet anything that you will want to take the CD version and toss it in the trash, especially this so called remaster. Very disappointing. 5 stars for the album in its self and 5 stars to amazon for the excellent packaging and fast shipping, as always. Zero stars for the remaster version of this record.