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  • Maedmarion - Finally, a solution :-)I have to say that I found this advertised after hours of trawling the net for a way to deal with intimate freshness issues - things became more troublesome around the menopause and I tried every wash. spray and powder which I could find to try to alleviate the problems - all I got was irritated skin, UTI's and stinging...........nightmare!

    THEN I found a review for this product - well. loads of reviews to be honest, on Amazon - I read every single one and whilst my eyes watered at the price (then twice what it is now!) I went ahead and ordered it, with a sneaky feeling that I was really just wasting my money, it was all a 'fix' etc etc.

    It took a while to arrive and I was beginning to believe that I'd fallen for a scam, when suddenly there it was - a 'signed for' parcel which actually would have fitted through the letterbox and a very grumpy delivery driver who had tried to deliver it three times whilst I was at work.

    My first thoughts were that there couldn't be anything inside the box, it was so lightweight! Then I opened it and saw the product and my heart sank - what a con, I thought, all that money for this. But, having paid for it I thought that I might as well give it a go.

    It was remarkably easy to use and although I had 'spotting' for 24 hours after the first use, since then I haven't looked back - I've been using it for nearly six months, daily and I can honestly say that it has been the miracle solution which I hoped for - after three day use there was no stinging, no odour and no sticky discomfort - I now feel fresh and clean every day and recommend this product without reservation - I have bought one each for my daughters - how I wish that this had been around when I was menstruating and in a sexual relationship - what a godsend it would have been!

    As to the quality, in fact it is I think, a sturdy product- lightweight it may be, but I have had no problems with it at all and don't expect to.

    Suspend your disbelief - just try it!
  • The Profit - Prime.I own both the iPad 2 and the transformer Prime, and I absolutely am flat out impressed with the overall experience thus far of the Prime. I have an iPhone, iPods, nanos, everything from Apple, and was super hesitant to get the Prime, but for work and leisure I couldn't be more pleased. Where as my iPad 2 was great at first, this new tablet really steals the show. A lot sites that I previously couldn't fully functionally use with the iPad 2 are now available to me on the Prime. The keyboard design is phenomenal. I suggest you try both before you pick. Make sure that the Prime is in performance mode and prepare to be amazed. There are a bunch of videos online that you can find that helped me decide on the Prime, but you gotta try it out. Love my new Asus!