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  • Tiffany A. Harkleroad "Tiffanys Bookshelf" - fantastic thrillerAnnie was a successful real estate agent, with a caring boyfriend, when she was suddenly abducted. Her abductor takes her away to a cabin in the woods, where he keeps her hostage for over a year. Terrorized both mentally and physically, Annie finds a way to get free. When she returns to the world she had trouble adapting to her freedom, and it only gets harder when she starts to learn who is behind the abduction.

    I want to be very careful not to give away spoilers for this book, because I really want you to read it. You NEED to read it. This book is so amazing, particularly for a debut novel. I loved the unique structure of the narrative. Each chapter starts out in Annie's voice, as she narrates bits of her story to her therapist, each chapter being a new therapy section. You immediately feel intimate with Annie, you are privy to her inner thoughts, and a first hand account of her horror. The amount of character development right from the gate is staggering. You literally feel as if you are her therapist. I was completely mesmerized.

    The story was terrifying to read, because I know things like this really happen. But the book was incredible; I could not put it down. In fact, I read it in a day. Any lover of thrilling dramas will like this book. I was shocked to learn who it was that set this chain of events into motion, and I think other readers will be as well. Overall, a fantastic, dramatic book that will have me looking over my shoulder for weeks.
  • Tijs - Just overjoyed with it!I am in position of an iPad 3th gen and now I got the iPad mini. It took me a while to decide on it whether or not I would even need it but having it for 3 weeks now I did need it. First of all for the money you get a high quality Apple product, which is fully capable to meet with the demands that are expected from it. The nice thing about the size is that it is exactly right for holding it in one hand without being to heavy or the display being to small. I hardly use my old iPad, which already says it all. If you are thinking about buying an iPad and you need a light tablet that is just as good as the big once I would advice buying this one. The batterylife is really good and the display also preforms good in he outside daylight. All and all it's a full Apple worth mini iPad. The only advice I can give for now is wait on the 15th of October because speculations say that on this keynote an new iPad mini will be presented with retina display.