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  • Madeleine Eve "maevha" - super testing prep!I have been out of school for a number of years, and have only recently decided to pursue a law degree. Since I'm kind of just feeling around this law thing, I have sampled a number of lsat prep books and found this one particularly useful. I thought it "reached" me at least, and can recommend it to many other prospective law students. Someone else bought it for me, but I'd say it's definitely worth the money.
  • k. stevens - great entertainmentvery nice game in which there is fun for the entire family....NFL PRO 2013 is the greatest app available for the KIndle tablet edition.
  • Susan J Adams - Breaking the Vicious CycleMy husband was deathly ill from Crohn's. He had lost 65lbs in 6 months despite hospitalization and aggressive medication,and looked dead. The SCD diet is saving his life. I can't be thankful enough for this book but you need to research beyond the book at pecanbread.com and find out how to start the diet and how to advance in the diet. It's hard to change the total way you have always eaten but if eating that way is making you sick, you need to change.
  • Lisa Wolff - Thief of Shadows~~Winter Makepeace is pleased to finally have a new building for his Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children but he is still a bit restless so when he hears of a 'lassie snatcher' he sets about to find out all he can and stop them. As his alter ego, the Ghost of St. Giles, he learns what he can about the orphaned girls being forced to work in horrible conditions with no fresh air and rotten food. As he tries to save these girls, his day job starts to give him a distraction in the form of one Lady Isabel Beckinhill. Some members of her Ladies' Syndicate for the Benefit of the Home for Unfortunate Infants and Foundling Children feel that Mr. Makepeace is not an appropriate headmaster for the foundling children now that they have wealthy matrons supporting them and Isabel is chosen to teach Winter the refining points of being a gentleman. However, as these two do not always see eye to eye, passions rise between heated banter and Winter tries to keep a rein on his inner demons and protect all the innocents of St. Giles without giving in to his desires.

    Isabel Beckinhill shocks herself when she suddenly rescues the mysterious, supposedly deadly, Ghost of St. Giles. But just as quick as they can sew him up he is gone, leaving a lasting impression behind. When her instructional meetings with Winter start awakening her passions, she starts to question how Winter seems to be missing when he should be present and the Ghost is around instead. A daring escape finally forces her to confront the Ghost and together they answer questions and give into the blazing passion between them. But with Isabel having a sad secret and Winter unable to give up being the Ghost, how will this unlikely couple find happiness?

    Sigh, what a book. Winter. He seemed so uptight in the previous books but trust Elizabeth Hoyt to turn that all around and make a delicious, sexy, strong, loyal, protective hero. And to top it all off... ***minor spoiler--he's a virgin!*** Swoon. And Isabel, again I wasn't too sure about her in the previous books, but she turns out to be the perfect woman (slightly older!) woman for Winter. I loved watching Winter wrestle with himself as he tries to protect all those that can not protect themselves in St. Giles. As he believes that this is his life work, he knows he has no time for a wife and family but then there is Isabel at every turn, tempting him, making him question if it is right for one person to uphold all this by himself. When he finally lets Isabel in, it is forever and he will stop at nothing to convince Isabel of that fact. Elizabeth Hoyt has one again proven why she is on my auto buy list--she can take a woman not well liked, who seems cold and bitter (there is a side story with a young boy that is so well done) and shape her into a warm, caring, lovable heroine who will do whatever it takes to be with the man she loves. And while Ms Hoyt is crafting this heroine, she delivers a hero who is the perfect balance, who brings the love and passion and even some daring stubbornness to meld together beautifully all while set amongst the dirty side of London, away from the balls and glitter, make you feel like you are there with them. This is another passionate winner from the obviously talented, top of her game, Elizabeth Hoyt and I am so happy there is more to come in this Maiden Lane series! 4 1/2 stars

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