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  • H. Arredondo - Love this productI was getting so irritated with the cost of this product being so high and decided to get off of it and use something less expensive. I have been using this for 3 years. I am getting older and my hair was getting so thing. Getting off this product I notice my hair was falling out more and more and just not looking good. I switch to another product and there was not improvement. I am back on it and my hair is getting healthy again and stronger, I guess the cost is not so bad.
  • Jen - Product works for me, worth to try, just follow the simple steps.Hi I just wanna share my thoughts about this product I recently bought. It's been a week since I have been using the product but I can totally see the reaction on my face. It dries out most of my acne and my face is getting a little smoother. I have followed the instructions and so far my acne is drying and fading. I have been an acne prone skin type since I turned 19, and tried to use a lot of product but nothing works. I tried proactive, neutregena, murad but none of them worked. I decided to go see a dermatologist, but since the doctors in the USA is way more expensive than my country(Philippines) plus the product they give you after the service, I again, decided to try a new cheap product and found this Acne.org. I first saw this on youtube with the girl sharing her good experience of the product. I went to amazon to check the product and it seems to have pretty good reviews. The instructions are simple from how it shows form their actual website. Bottom line : Product works for me, worth to try, just follow the steps.
  • Emiatx - Milk in SpaceWhenever I travel to the international space station, I make sure to plan ahead by bringing several 1 gallon (128 fl ounces for the Europeans in the crowd) jugs of Tuscan Whole Milk. Of course, it's creamy white smoothness is best enjoyed in the new Colbert room after a healthy workout on the Tranquility Treadmill. Nothing solves nostalgia for your home planet and space ennui like Tuscan Whole Milk!
  • Donald Hill - As AdvertisedThis sound system works as advertised. It enhanced the sound and clarity of my Panasonic 55" TV by at least 50 per cent. You could always buy a more elaborate system, but, for the money and the ease of set-up, this works for me. This is my first Bose product, so, I'll see as time goes by. I'd recommend the system to anyone. Especially, if you are limited on space or just don't want all the clutter of a bigger sound bar.