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  • Saluta - High road to self preservation or the challenge of sharing your heart?Crossroads brought us two new characters intertwined in the lives of characters that have previously appeared in Radclyffe's medical stories. Hollis and Annie share a painful past that creates a challenge when they meet again after being assigned to work together to determine how their professions can collaborate. I always think it is fascinating how Radclyffe brings in her own medical exposure and knowledge to her stories- giving the readers the intense experience of being in an operating room, dealing with a medical crisis, and the weight of responsibility that lies so heavily on the medical professionals and she did not disappoint with Crossroads in this area. Her wonderful writing doesn't only bring us into the hospital it brings us into the hearts of both Hollis and Annie as they learn to trust themselves in order to trust the love between them. In addition to having a wonderful love story, I think I liked best the hobby of cycling being brought into the story as a way to connect new characters with old, find an outlet for stress, and create a bonding experience between generations. Being an active cyclist, it made the characters that much more personable and allowed me to get sucked into the story that much further. Overall, Crossroads is another great read by Radclyffe that I would not hesitate to recommend.
  • T. Day "pookerella" - Are you taking it correctly?According to Dr. Oz, you are supposed to take this product 30-60 minutes before meals. Not after meals or in the middle of the night as some have stated. Secondly, it's not supposed to make you lose LBs directly. It's supposed to decrease belly fat by decreasing CORTISOL via increasing serotonin levels. Increasing serotonin gives you an increased sense of well-being and reduces emotional eating. You will see an increased percentage of lean muscle and decreased body fat, which helps decrease cholesterol in the bloodstream. Also, any increase in serotonin helps with sleep. These are the reasons for the effects you have all been experiencing. Garcinia is HCA, but I'm sure taking one of the cheaper versions of this drug would make sense to most considering this one is rather expensive . This product takes TIME==WEEKS to see any results. BE PATIENT.

    -an RN.