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  • WrongReagan - TestorifficWhen I first got this shirt there were slight tremors below my feet. It was then that I realized that this was more than a shirt. It was a lifestyle that I had inherited from my wolf brethren that had come before me. I noticed the exponential increase in class, and the amount of women that I would wake up made me feel claustrophobic. Time became inconsequential as I donned this cloth of the heavens, and my life has improved dramatically in every way. Thank you stepfather for changing my life forever.
  • Jbgator9 "Avid reader" - Digestive health maintained at Amazon.comPhillips' Colon Health Probiotic Capsules, 30-Count Bottle Digestive problems and bowel problems for over 40 years since having gall bladder removed at age 24. I discovered help with Phillips probiotic capsules. Originally bought them at a drug store, then discovered they were cheaper at a grocery store and then remembered to check Amazon, where I found best price and am now a happy subscriber and they arrive without having to leave the house. I Love Amazon.
  • William Mutschler "Copper Moose" - I bought them and watched on the big 50 or whatever inch screen.Isn't technology amazing. I suppose I could have watched it on my Kindle with free ABC.com, but I bought them and watched on the big 50 or whatever inch screen. Good show so far. I'm about 4 episodes in. A TV reviewer may have been on target when they noted "where do they go from here?" However, it was still rated in the top ten shows.
  • EX3535Design - Truth and Mercy KissedI purchased this book as a tool to better understanding the mindset behind homosexuality. I wanted to better relate to and with many people I know who are currently living in this lifestyle, one that although I do not condone - I admit I don't understand. To me, this book brought light and hope for those struggling with sin - any kind of sin. Our flesh makes us do things we do not want to do. Whether a person is born with a predisposition to sin or they are socially subjected to the forces of darkness and develop sinful behaviors is a debate I am not qualified to join. THIS BOOK and this man's testimony was God breathed and inspired by the Holy Spirit to help us all relate to this sin (or to our own), and to know the hope that is found in God's Word about a way of escape from it. Read it, really hear what the Spirit is saying! If you are open to instruction, you will find YOURSELF in it, as I did, regardless of what sin YOU struggle with. I have shared this book with several people. I commend this young man for his transparent testimony and courage to tell it! I am enlightened and truly touched by it - what LOVE, Lord Jesus, what LOVE!