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  • Kerpal Julapubre - There is a codeIf you use the following algorithm, you will find that the eigth digit of every eight page forms a message. I would post the message that is outputted, but I fear that the author may persecute me for my actions, so do it yourself. Here is the formula:

    by the way, the output number is a number of the US alphabet, 1=a, 2=b etc.
    "n" is the digit you want to convert.

    Footnote: take the absolute value of your outputted number, and if it is too high continue dividing by two until it is < or = to 26
  • Mike K - The JJ Abrams Look...I got these frames in black and I'm definitely rocking the JJ.

    They are great looking frames. Classy and classic. If your one to look "neat" (i.e. clean cut hair, facial hair) these are great frames that accentuate the clean lines. The darker your hair, the better these will look on you. I have dark brown hair but can see that if I had darker hair, it would make the glasses pop just a bit more.

    Not to mention, all the rip-off drug store/gas station sunglasses are based on this design. Right down to the 2 little chrome diamonds on the corners. So you'll know and can show that you have the real deal Ray Bans.
  • Rita Czamanske - Align Your Body, Not Only Your Wheels8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back is such an extraordinary, concise, clearly understandable "guide" book that anyone/everyone can achieve a strong, healthy frame to carry them from childhood to 90+years. Personal experience has clearly demonstrated to me the many diseases and procedures of our current culture herniated discs, sciatica, hip and knee replacements, and inflamed joints, to name several can be significantly reduced or eliminated by proper skeletal alignment. Moreover, the feelings of enhanced self-worth associated with an erect,relaxed, aligned posture are profound. A challenge for today's parents is their responsibility to assure that one's children can overcome the counterproductive cultural norms regarding furniture, clothing, trends.This book clearly will help parents address that challenge.
  • Jeff L - Stole the show, and will continue too!Today I purchased this fantastic wolf shirt, and started out skeptical. After reading the reviews, I was intrigued. I purchased it on a whim, and immediately put it on and waited for its magical power to kick in. I happened to be on vacation with my entire family, all complementing it and wishing they had one, and proceeded to the children's talent/ magic show. There, the magician paused the show, looked at me, and worked me into the program. Everyone there couldn't take their eyes off it. I was hesitant at first, but I approached the stage, and the magician became so distracted by This bewitching shirt caused him to mess up the entire show, and with the power of the wolves by my side, I took over, putting on the best show the resort had ever seen. Thank you wolf shirt, I now have a gig in Las Vegas with Chris angle opening the show. Tickets will be available in a couple days!! AHWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO🌕🐺🐺🐺
  • Reader Extraordinaire "written word lover" - Colon CleanseI was seeking gentle cleansing as I don't like harsh laxatives. With this product there was minimal "gripping" and more uncomfortable than painful. It worked within 48 hours and provided much needed relief. I've used it once and have not needed it again, yet. I would recommend this product for folks who are relatively healthy and occasionally irregular.