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  • S. G. "Mom of Teens" - Perfect Conditioner for Curls - OK to LEAVE INPurchased after reading "Curly Girl The Handbook" by Deva Curl, and I now only use DEVA products in my long curly hair.

    Following the recommendations from the book, I do not thoroughly rinse this out of my hair. I have slowly worked up to only briefly rinsing my scalp and then squeezing all the excess out before wrapping in a soft towel to dry. My hair stays soft & curly with no gunky feel. LOVE this stuff!

    I do use a TON of this to get through my long curls, so I use SUBSCRIBE & SAVE to keep a new bottle coming every month! :-D
  • E. Kennen - A Cumpulsive ReadWillow is a genius who's observational skills and medical prowess make Sherlock Homes and House, MD look like amateurs. A lover of life, she is a gifted horticulturalist. What she's not so good at, however, is understanding how people work. Which is too bad because, having the particularly horrendous luck of being orphaned twice, she must now navigate through unimaginable pain and loss while unmoored to any particular community.

    Except... maybe Willow does have more support than she first realizes, from the most unlikely sources: a taxi driver who thinks she's his guardian angel; an inept, angry guidance counselor; and a Vietnamese family who live in the garage behind their mother's nail salon.

    Willow thinks so differently than most people that I can imagine some young readers will find her offputting... at first. But her quirks and logic are entirely endearing and soon begin to feel natural... to everyone, except Willow herself. Her first person narrative is divided by third-person glimpses at the people who's world she's changing... and who are changing her world.
    This was a compulsive read - the 300-odd pages just sailed beneath my fingertips. Author Holly Goldberg Sloan does an amazing job of bringing the statistical anomaly that is Willow to life, and of making her feelings and actions seem realistic, while somehow retaining a lightness and hope even in Willow's darkest hours.

    Willow might not resonate with every young reader, but to those she does, she will not soon be forgotten.
  • S. Henke "bless their hearts mom" - powerful for its size!I was amazed to open the box and see that the drive was literally a 1/8 inch longer than my cell phone, and thinner than it, not to mention being LIGHTER than it~ wow what a difference 3 years of external hard drives makes!

    My old hard drive seemed so massive at the time, but between music,photos and files, it quickly filled up. So far I have had NO issues with the new drive. It worked right from the box. My only complaint was that the cord was SO small. On my laptop it's fine, but on the desktop, the usbs are on the bottom of the machine, meaning I have to place the hard drive on the floor, or use an extension, so it's a bit of a pain, but not a big deal. It is SUPER quiet- you don't even know it's on and working!

    The backup software also installed easily, and so far has been easy to manage. So far I've done 3 backups with NO problem. YEAH! Thanks Seagate for making me happy my files are safe!
  • Law Student - Keep Hating on a CLASSIC! You probably would've hated Dickens or Billy Shakespeare in their time, too!I'm a little annoyed with the sarcastic, hate-filled 'reviewers' of this book. You all seem to think it's funny that some people would honestly like some expert advice on ways to avoid huge ships. What, you've never been traveling at a very, very slow speed straight toward something really, really big that you could see for miles and miles away, and wished you'd known what steps you could take to avoid crashing into it?

    Well, all I can say is CONGRATULATIONS! What's it like to be so perfect? You haters just keep on enjoying your huge-ship-collision-free little fantasies. I for one am going to buy this book and learn something, because I live in the real world, where huge ships and the dangers they present to people like me are actually a serious issue.