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  • smurf - Long awaited--The only canonical study on this subject. A completely thorough and scholarly study on the big topics of patriarchy, marriage, purity, etc. This is not light and easy reading but a detailed study that requires careful reading and re-reading. I will be leading some in my church in a discussion on this book.
  • Sonya Y. Schell - No problems with wireless eprint connection and no paper jams.I was a little scared to purchase this because of the paper jam and terrible eprint connectivity reviews. I connected wireless in seconds and no problem with eprint either. I have 3 computers, my phone and 2 tablets connected to this printer with no problems at all. It is a simple printer that doesn't hold much paper but the print quality is great and the wireless was a breeze. I love the scanning and copying also. Glad I bought this printer.
  • BSUstudent22 - Easy download for my MacBook ProI ordered this even though I was hesitant, I read a few of the reviews that said they were unable to download it and/or it didn't come with the key code. When I started to download the program I kept all the windows that popped up and found that it was super easy because it did come with everything as long as you didn't click out of them. It took about 20mins total and worked right away. My advice, do not click out of the pop ups because they contain information you will need :)
  • William E. Gordon - Always Works with minimal effort by me.Norton has a great user interface and requires minimal effort on my part. I was able to set up my mothers home computer with certain restrictions for my nephews (note I didn't say nieces). The family friendly program would send me alerts if they attempted to venture into the Dark Side. Viruses, spam, and whatever else I have unintentionally thrown at it have been quarantined, filtered, and deleted like moths to a flame.
  • Rita Marendic "ladymay" - This book is a real Eye Opener.I got so much out of this book. Saw things I've never seen before
    about the rapture. I was always a pre-tribber but now I'm a mid
    tribber. There is a whole new perspective after reading the book,
    you can't argue with the truth and that's what this book does lights
    up the truth in the scriptures. Great reading for anyone who wants
    to know more about the rapture.