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  • Private - The best book on back pain and posture out thereI am a male, 58, 6 feet 183 lbs, in reasonably good shape: exercise 5 days a week, have gym at work, etc.
    For some time (two years approx) I have had frequent lower back pain: and the yoga and pilates did not seem to ameliorate it. Searching on the internet I came upon this beautiful book; I was impressed by the reviews and bought it, and read it from end to end. This was like 2 months ago. This method works. I got immediate relief just by doing the lessons 1 and 2. The book has made a big change on my life and made me aware of my bad "posture-habits", which I am actively correcting. And you can be working on your posture while doing other things. Thanks Esther for creating this piece of art!
  • David L. Smith - The One Minute CureThis is a book everyone that likes living in good health needs to read. This could be the difference in Life and Death for you. If you are tired of the poor treatment you are receiving from your doctors then read this book. It seems that all our doctors know to do is have you placed on another medication of some kind. The side effects of the medicines we receive (for our Health) is enough to kill you many times Get to know what H2O2 can do for you. As usual when I heard about "The One Minute Cure" I went to amazon and read some reviews and bought my book. If you enjoy good health, you need to read this book. This is made up of the elements God gave us for healing.

    David Smith
  • BodeMeister - Nice inexpensive urethane cover ballThese are my favorite practice balls with the great feel of a urethane cover. Not as soft as Pro V's but they fly high and long. I prefer Pro V's but after my last tournament playing so well with these I may just switch completely. These are a bit more clicky on the putter but I can tell they don't spin as much as Pro V's. Try them out you'll be impressed.
  • David Smith - in 2006, still freakin' awesomefunny how all these new "rock" bands get access to all the fanciest, most ridiculously expensive equipment, yet their sound can't come close to this baby, recorded 30 YEARS AGO!!! to put that into perspective, think about what a video game was 30 years ago... pong?

    anyway, this album is based on the notion that there are three different kinds of people in the world - the dogs, the pigs, and the sheep. first song is a short acoustic roger waters song about how the only way he can survive this world is by having his lover, because the world is so terrible. the second song is a 15 minute rock masterpiece that manages to stay more interesting than any song of its length i've ever heard (no, i don't care for "echoes"). it's a song about the "dogs" of the world - a man who grows up taking advantage of everyone, then ends up "dying of cancer" and "all alone." the interesting thing is, roger waters compared HIMSELF to the "dogs" in an interview, meaning this song is really a bitter, pessimistic view of his own place in the world. "pigs (three different ones)" is a song about self-righteous hypocrites and how they're worthless. you think linkin park is bitter?!?!?! then i will MAKE you listen to this one. the bitterness seeps through in every note, every syllable. while roger waters details the greed, filthiness and hypocrisy of the "pigs," david gilmour is totally wailing on his electric guitar with a "bitter" sound. richard wright plays a scary-sounding organ throughout. what's that you say, hard rocking music can't have an organ? you've just been proven wrong! awesome. then the final full-length song - "sheep." the lyrics are told in a story-book form about the stupid sheep who are too dumb and lazy to realize that the end is coming. the dogs and the pigs are going to destroy them, but they're content. they don't really care. gee, kind of sounds like 2006 in america.... hmm, so this album not only SOUNDS good after 30 years, the message is still HIGHLY relevant. after this, the album closes with pigs on the wing part 2, a song with the same music as part 1, but with the lyrics referring to the extreme bitterness roger waters just pounded into your head over the last 45 minutes or so. he calmly explains how he's glad he's got his lover around, or all this evil in the world would kinda get to him! this is the kind of thing only great musicians can pull off - understating a point to make it have even more power than if they over-emoted like these ridiculous "emo" bands around today.

    this album's a great opportunity to hear something different from pink floyd. the band went into the studio without an idea of what kind of album to write, so they thought of something completely different for them. while gilmour's guitar solos during pink floyd minus roger waters (and his solo albums) tend to be dreamy affairs, here he manages to eke waters's bitterness out into the guitar. in that way, you might compare this to "the holy bible" by the manic street preachers, where the guitar player/singer wrote none of the lyrics, yet captured the mood of the lyrics perfectly on guitar. that pink floyd managed to record a hard-edged album this good, and also a laid-back "stoner" album as good as "dark side of the moon" is a testament to their greatness. :)
  • Bonnie Brown - Kindle Fire HDThe audio is the best in sound for such a small product. It is very easy to hold with cover on it. Reading books on it is so easy and getting the ebooks makes it easier than going to library. Some books are not available but I believe that is the library's needing to download. Thanks Amazon for selling this product. Several of my friends have switch from the other readers.