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  • Howard Goldowsky "ChessWriter" - Elmer Fudd vs. Miss MarpleIf you're a man and your female partner catches you looking at porn, she might exclaim, "That's disgusting!" Retort by telling her that your habits are no different than her reading Stephenie Meyer vampire novels or watching Lifetime movies.

    If you're a feminist who's come here to just give this review a "not helpful" vote, then please stop reading my review immediately and take care of your business. This is a book review, not a political forum. Shame on you for contaminating journalism with politics! It's no secret that every five-star review here has been beaten to death by feminists groups who believe that the male brain and female brain have no differences.

    Now, for those readers actually interested in science and learning about the book, onto the book review...

    The main premise of "A Billion Wicked Thoughts" is that men and women (straight and gay) equally posses a capacity for erotic desire, but that this desire manifests itself in different ways. Men are attracted by visual stimuli and women are attracted by emotional stimuli. (Was this not already obvious?) For example, men gravitate to certain specific types of porn: youth, a nice ass, etc. Women like to feel wanted and feel attracted to alpha-male qualities like status, wealth, intelligence, etc., hence their fascination with rich, powerful, seductive vampires. Ogas and Gaddam weave an entertaining, Gladwell-like narrative based on the metaphors of men behaving like Elmer Fudd ("a solitary hunter...requiring no information about a woman other than what they can see with their own eyes") and women behaving like Miss Marple's Detective Agency (they must find out every detail about a man before he is worthy).

    Studies showed that 60% of men would sleep with a random good-looking woman after knowing her for less than five minutes; 0% of women would sleep with an attractive man after knowing him for that same amount of time. 60% of women would agree to a date with a random man, however, as a way to get to know him better.

    Ogas and Gaddam use billions of Internet search statistics to support their theories. This is the first time in history that such a huge volume of Internet search data has been used as experimental data, and this data supports a huge part of the book's conclusions. Ogas and Gaddam's background as engineers and research scientists honed their data mining expertise for the book.

    Both straight and gay people were studied by the authors, and some of the most surprising (and dare I say interesting) conclusions in the book had to do with the nature of gay desire. For example, there are no differences between straight male desire and gay male desire, other than that gay men prefer good-looking men to good-looking women. (No other differences exist. In other words, a gay man behaves like a gay Elmer Fudd.)

    My one problem with the book was that in a few cases the authors seemed to disregard the scientific method in the way they analyzed their Internet data. In my opinion, they sometimes seemed to favor dramatic conclusions rather than statistical rigor. In no way did this problem interfere with the book's entertainment value -- Elmer Fudd and Miss Marple seemed to pop up on almost every page.

    Everyone knows men like ass and women like romance. The value added by Ogas and Gaddam is that they've brought these stereotypes into the 21st century, by citing Internet search statistics and generalizing to conclusions -- an entertaining read if you're into human psychology and these kinds of studies.
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