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  • J. Calhoun - No-hassle protectionProduct seems to be doing the job. I was using MS Security Essentials ($free) for some time until I discovered I was getting what I paid for. Reviews said Norton was a top performer for protection. I had tried Kaspersky previously, and although the protection was great, I got tired of a few annoyances which never got cleaned up.

    Norton was easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to interact with. Symantec maintains the license online (3 were included with the purchase). I have used 2 so far. I don't know what they do if you uninstall it from a computer in order to install it on a different one - whether you get the license back to use again or just lose it.
  • joanne Wharry - John PaulJohn Paul was diagnosed with UC at 2 years 3 months old. that was in june of 2000. he took pentasa over the summer while i researched over the summer to find a natural remedy. i have UC and am familiar with the intense meds they prescribe for IBD. I did not want him to be on meds. On labor day of 2000 i find out about this book from a search on the internet. we started the diet immediately and he had a reduction in symptoms right away. he had some setbacks but has been in remission now for over a year. I am currently following the diet also. It is a change of lifestyle but a great one! I am finally in control of what I'm eating instead of the food controlling me... I am truly greatful to Elaine for making curing people with IBD her life's goal! My son is greatful too! Thank you Elaine!!!
  • W. O'Hara "pink" - My Favorite Game For Kinect So FarOk i am not a gamer and in fact i suck at most games but when kinect came out i was excited because i love moving around better than hitting keys. This game is challenging and fun. i get to learn new things and challenge my gamer husband. Finally their is a game on the xbox i can beat him at. The new additions from the older version are worth the buy you get to dance run and all the older ones are back too but more challenging. I love it and everyone at any age can benefit from it. it keeps you on file and adds up all your workouts to give you and idea on how you are doing. However this game is not only to exercise if you want to have fum like dance central this does that too so skip getting that game and get this one.
  • Rebecca Scarborough "rebscar" - The Moral LandscapeI just received my copy of "The Moral Landscape" and have not yet finished the intro. I have read both of Harris's previous books and this one promises to be as insightful. I believe that Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett are doing Western society a tremendous service by helping us to think clearly about matters of faith and morality. I've wondered for a long time why science would cede so much territory to religion when it didn't seem necessary to me. We don't need religion to develop a sense of morality, indeed, if we simply decided that we would be kind to one another because it makes more sense than being cruel that would be enough to change "the moral landscape" for ourselves and the world.
  • Jeanette Roman - The Best Binder Any Sister Wife Could Ever Hope ForThis is a great binder for every man with multiple wives. Whether you need a wife in the kitchen, doing the shopping, or rearing children, this binder will make sure to protect each sister wife in her proper place. Does one of them want birth control? No problem! This binder will also come with an order of aspirin to give her to put between her knees! I'll even bet you $10,000 that this binder will not fly out of the airplane windows were they to open while you're on a flight. As a woman, I highly recommended this safe, 5-point binder. If you want more details, get back to me after the election.