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  • Michelle L. Long "QB Consultant" - Love the new updated look of QuickBooks 2013 and the ribbon toolbar!With the R4 update, you can add color to the top icon bar (my video shows how to turn on the color -- search for it on YouTube - MichelleLongCPA to find it). I really like the new ribbons on the transactions. Overall I think the updated look is more modern. Now when I use an older year of QuickBooks, I realize how much I like the look and feel of QB 2013. Things are easy to see and read with larger fonts, etc. You can click on the 'maximize' button to see a transaction full screen.

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  • H. OBannon - Great SoftwareLoaded easily..replaced spyware doctor with antivirus from pc tools..i am well pleased with my Norton 360 2013. will recommend to others
  • Ivy Robinson - great productevery diet pill or anything saying diet made me sick and raised my blood pressure and heart rate. This product didnt in fact my pressure and my cholesterol went down. I dont eat as much and my cravings are very little. I do crave more sweets some days then there are days I have to make myself eat. Others made me a little lite headed but not this. I plan on ordering another bottle. I only take 6 a day 2 before each meal. I have lost about 3 inches in 2 weeks and about 7lbs.
  • AudOneinAK - Rubies Harvest's 5 Stars!My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    Won from MP News Room
    Of all of Tessa's books that I have read so far this one is the one that seems the least "Bible".
    Let me explains what I mean by that. I love how Tessa writes about Characters from Bible times and brings them to life in a new, real and personal way. She ties History, Personalities from Bible stories and Places together and makes them come alive, giving us an overall picture of the time, place and story.
    But this is the first one I have read that had so little to do with an actual part or story from the Bible that I could go back and read and say "Ah, That makes that come alive or Wow that make it so clear or ties it together for me!
    Other than the fact that her cousin was Nehemiah and both were in King Artaxerxes' court, that was all the "traceable" part of the Bible I could find.
    NOW~that being said...As a book about Bible TIMES with a clear story of God's Love, Direction, and Work in Sarah's life, this is a beautiful story! I loved it! It is on my 5 Star shelf here at home and will be read many times I am sure!