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  • Julio Almoguer "fez" - LOVED THIS DVD> I'm a huge Donnie Yen fan since I was fortunate enough to watch IP MAN
    > on the airplane. Since IP MAN, I've seen Legend Of The Fist and The
    > Lost Bladesman, as well as some of his older movies like Iron Monkey
    > and Wing Chun. Wu Xia is now my second favorite Donnie Yen movie. The
    > action is great, but like Ip Man, the story is engrossing and
    > perfectly executed. You can definitely have great martial arts with
    > out a story, but its difficult to have a great movie without one. This
    > movie has it all. This review pertains to the uncut foil cover edition
    > DVD. This is the second Wu Xia DVD I've bought. The first was a cheap
    > bootleg that had horrible picture and bad subtitles. This second DVD
    > was perfect and I really enjoyed it. When I get it back from my four
    > friends who are borrowing it, I'll be watching it for a third time!
  • Ann B. Keller "Ann B. Keller" - Fabulously ImprobableThis is the story of the dazzling young starlet, Dee Moray, whose unfortunate encounter with Richard Burton leaves her forever changed. At first, they explain that Dee is apparently dying of cancer and she escapes to the remote Italian village of Porto Vergogna for the duration of her illness. There, the kindness of Pasquale Tursi, the innkeeper, impresses the young American woman and a strange friendship begins to blossom.

    A visiting doctor suspects the truth about Dee's strange "illness," but Dee has already been changed by her brief stay in the vintage hotel. Here, life and death seem poised on the brink of a precipice, where virtue and kindness are weighed against gluttony and avarice.

    The ending is interesting and thought provoking. Intense introspection is the crowning achievement of this rare novel. Read it - and be forever changed.
  • homeice "Elizabeth S. Brinton" - Simply the BestEven though I have stopped reading it, the book is still with me and in my thoughts. I find I return to it several times a day. Discussing the novel over dinner with our book club, I found fellow readers in complete agreement as to the utter majesty of the work. Over the years, we have read many fine authors. This week, we were able to toast the first British woman to win the Man Booker Prize, not once, but twice. "Wolf Hall," being the first to claim the coveted honor, covers the rise of Thomas Cromwell, the mastermind in Henry VIII's turbulent reign. In "Bringing up the Bodies," the book covers a shorter time span, the scant weeks leading up to Anne Boleyn's ultimate demise. We know the story; it has been told before, but not at all like this. Exquisite descriptive power pushes the story forward; the action moves swiftly and the details of Anne Boleyn's execution seem so real that one forgets to breathe. So many times, I put out the light, and then lay there in the dark, sat up and turned the light on again.
    It is the desire to bring a period in time to light, to enable the readers, to not only learn something they did not know about the era, but to feel as if they are walking along a forest path with the characters, discussing, the issues of the day. It is why I write historical fiction and why I admire the very best. Hilary Mantel has set the bar so high it is breathtaking and is to be admired.

    My American Eden
  • lovemypet - Must reading for all too.Give this gift to all your high school seniors and college age daughters. I only wish I could have read it when I was 18. Unfortunately Sheryl Sandberg was not yet born then and no one was writing such valuable information for women. It addresses women of all ages but is a great guideline for those advancing their educations and considering marriage and children along with a fulfilling careeer. Thank you Sheryl for this valuable and well written book.
  • P. Tyler - Seems to work very well.I have been a QuickBooks and Quicken user for 20 years now. After readying reviews I was very anxious about going from Quicken 2012 to purchasing Quicken 2013. I was very pleasantly surprised. Evidently Quicken has worked through all its issues that people were complaining about. The transition went over smoothly.
    It syncs perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Yes it does take some time to complete the sync but what do people expect? It gets the job done and that’s what is important. I have been using this for several weeks now without any problems. I still have a lot to learn but I’m sure Quicken tech support will work me though any questions I may have.
    I would recommend this to anyone using Quicken if they travel and need to stay closely in touch with their checking balances. What a life saver.