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  • Maribeth Resen - Clear and easy to readThis is a great book for someone who is interested in understanding the goals of dressage in order to practice clear communication with their horse. It would also be more than adequate for someone with intentions of competing in dressage as a means of visualizing and understanding what the various maneuvers look like when properly performed. I found the illustrations easier to comprehend than watching someone riding and demonstrating the manuevers because I was only able to visually capture the larger movements, not the subtleties that are so important. I bought the book as an adjunct to riding instruction, and found it to most helpful. Thank you to Jane Savoie for taking the time to make a highly complex pursuit understandable to an intermediate rider that was in need of additional information.
  • seegles - The best foundation I've ever used!I first used this product about 7 years ago - I've tried other foundations since then (everything from drugstore to department store brands), and I've come back to Bare Minerals for good. You can get great coverage, from light to heavier, without being cakey. I love the brushes Bare Minerals sells - especially the small concealer brush. Then I use a kabuki brush to dust my whole face. Not only do I see good coverage, I actually see a visible improvement in my skin without makeup! Fewer pimples and less discoloration - I think this has to do with the fact that it lacks a lot of the nasty ingredients common in American makeup (but banned in a lot of European products)!
  • Eric Wadsworth - What a fun game! It's really more of a toy than a game.My family is having a blast with this. It's so easy to use, yet has so much depth. Ever want to create your own animal? How about five legs instead of four? Yes, they did a great job. We've got years and years of fun ahead of us with this one.

    (Don't pay attention to those reviews by people who haven't even played it.)
  • Fish Oil Guy "PIXE" - Very Easy to UseI have used Pro 2009 and this version is clearly a step ahead. Very easy to use and set up. I use it to send invoices and track spending. Chart of accounts and clients are very easy to setup. I have no experience or never took a course in accounting. The only accounting I have is spending money and paying bills. With QuickBooks Pro 2013, it makes keeping track of your invoices a breeze.
  • aries316 - The more you put on the bigger it gets!I put on one shirt and noticed something changed immediately! There was a tightening in my pants. I unzipped and was pleasantly surprised! So i thought what the hell I ordered a second shirt the results grew even more! Now due to the fact of i wanted more change faster i now am an amazon prime member so i would get the shirts overnight. I am receiving one shirt a day and my wife gets more and more happy every time a new shirt arrives! These are the best shirts ever!