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  • Brianna Stewart - Love the baby vacThis is the best booger sucker I have ever used. It works just as well as the suction units I have used in hospitals and is easy to clean. My older kids ages 2 and 4 can use it themselves and they don't mind it. Great product have already told several of my friends to purchase this. You won't regret buying this. Shipping was really fast as well.
  • Timothy Gerdes - Wow!I already knew this tablet would be good with the NVIDIA TEGRA 3 processor and the SEXY SLEEK DESIGN. After using the tablet for a while, I am also extremely impressed with the SUPER IPS+ display and the great built in sound. All of my friends with ipads are jealous and keep asking to use it. Considering it is the best tablet on the market, it is a steal at the current price.
  • Janene M. Schellhase - What would I do without it?Santa brought two of these this year for my sons, ages 2 1/2 and 5, and I can finally have my phone back. The kids love taking pictures and videos of themselves, and they get so excited every time they master a skill or a level in a game. I like being able to track their progress, download all of their photos, and the fact that if I purchase a game on the app website, I can put it on both devices. Unfortunately, some of the games are somewhat pricey ($25 for the "cartridges", but some are as low as $5 or $6), but if you purchase the download card from Amazon (they'll offer a $20 card for $17, for example) and then wait for a "buy two get one free" deal on Leap Frog's app site, you can feel a little better about spending the money on games. Most of what I am impressed with isn't the device at all -- Leap Frog's customer service is outstanding. I had some initial trouble getting them set up and figuring out how to put games on them right before Christmas, and Leap Frog responded to my e-mail questions typically within 24 hours, and had solutions for my issues. I was also impressed with Amazon's customer service. One month after Christmas, my older son stepped on his and shattered the screen. After spending all that money on the Leap Pad and the games to put on it, I just about had heart failure, but I contacted Amazon anyway. Despite the fact that I had exceeded the return window (and the fact that my son broke it himself), Amazon overnighted a replacement in exchange for the broken one at no additional cost.
  • Chris Simmons - Product is much better than the Pearson company.This is a great way to get mymathlab without buying a new book but the Pearson website is having issues.

    Many of the students on my campus are having issues getting the access code to go through.

    I was passed from 1st tier technical support to 2nd tier and then they had to send in my case to the program engineers, so I am waiting for a conformation that says I can start my class.

    This is a great alternative to buying the book though and I found out since this is all done by the MyMathLab software I didn't even need to buy a used book for Statistics.

    5 Starts because it is good but Pearson needs to get something worked out because the MyMathLab software has been a huge thorn in everyone's side for many years and now I cant even register for my class. Buy I have to have MyMathLab so 5 stars for the pricing compared to a new Elements of Statistics book.