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  • Mustang - By wolves, for wolvesI am a wolf. My coat is sort of in between the two bottom wolves depicted in the t-shirt--my friends say it is kind of a cross between George Clooney side hair and a tiger. Back to the t-shirt. I showed up to a party wearing this thing as sort of an ironic statement. But, there was nothing ironic about the pack of she-wolves it attracted. #HATM (howl at the moon). My friends and I are making a movie in the spirit of the Red Violin where we follow a 3 wolf moon shirt as it passes from owner to owner. Of course, the first owner was God, who we will depict at the beginning of the film as just the jellyfish green milky-way with no sound for about 4 minutes. In the final scene, a real wolf (me) will be wearing the shirt and just staring into the camera as Van Halen's Running with the Devil plays. I will try not to blink, but it will be hard for such a long song. I highly recommend this shirt.
  • niazelie - it really worked after 3 monthsering from acne since I was 17, and cystic acne since 23. I am 31 years old and ive tried pretty much everything. The only thing that was working was accutane but couldnt continue because I couldnt afford it anymore. Went online and decided to buy the regimen, because I was just desperate and I had tried everything else. The first two month my face was very dry and almost quit. But then read some reviews and some people noticed changes after 3 months. Im so glad I did. My face is not perfect but its the best ive had ut in years. Its clearing up and all the dark spots are dissappear ing, im so happy. Stick to it, give it time and use it under make up as well, best of luck to you all
  • Harwa Frank - Anti-infective bibleDon't prescribe your next antibiotic without this! I love Sanford, discovered it in school. Will protect you in a court of law every day. Has great guides and rationales for when certain products are indicated. Includes the latest IDSA (Infectious Disease Society of America) guidelines and recommendations also. Medscape, Prescriber's Letter, and Medical Letter are great for updates until the next edition is published.
  • George "Hombre" - Essential to the Literary WorldThis collection of stories is truly a wonderful addition to the literary world. Every person who loves to read great short stories from a variety of talented authors needs to buy this collection- every, single, year. I could only hope that my own work would someday be published in one of these collections, one that is of the highest standard and prestige, a journal that clearly defines to it's readers what good literature actually looks like.
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