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  • Nancy J Greenebaum - Great insight into King HenryVIII's court.The writing was vivid. One felt the fears and foibles of the participants as they moved through the scripted drama of the period. Hilary Mantel carries the reader along with her as she sets the stage for the downfall of Ann Boleyn and the men who surrounded her. Thomas Cromwell develops as a crusty pragmatic 'King's Man', while he maintains his humanity, as seen in his defense of Wyatt . I look forward to the next installment of this saga.
  • Anita Kelly "Neets" - CrossroadsRadclyffe has once again brought to life two very passionate characters who find each other as they encounter their daily struggles through life. She has introduced two new characters into the scene at the Philadelphia Medical College Hospital. Other favorite characters also have starring roles in this book. It is classic Radclyffe romance and no one can do romance like Rad. And it is always great to "see" the sites of nearby Philly and it's surrounding areas in Rad's medical series.
  • Ghettodogz - Compelling!Jeremy Scahill has done a brilliant job with his investigative reporting of what really happens around the world. The way our government dictates policies on other governments, whether it's republican or democrats in power, they all have the same purpose. I pray that Jeremy, with his delving into politics, has bodyguards, he is very brave to write this book.
  • oldneu - Quicken 2013 Premier... Great Material!We have used Quicken since about 2002. This is the most complete product of any so far. Easily transitioned. Very little difference from Quicken 2010. Had to upgrade because we were not able to download financials any longer due to Quicken's apparent "3 Years of Support Rule." I highly recommend this product for the individual who wants to have a complete, highly detailed (should you elect to have it!) picture of your financial situation. Unfortunately, Q 2013 won't automatically increase your salary or improve your overall picture.... It WILL help you get there.
  • msmadi - Get this A LOT cheaper if you work, are a student, or in the militaryMicrosoft offers Microsoft Office Professional through the Home Use Program for $9.95, which is available to various companies, students, and military personnel.

    Follow these simple steps:
    Step 1. Go to
    Step 2. Enter your work email address to check your company's eligibility. (also applies to student and military email)
    Step 3. Buy the software and download Microsoft Professional Plus 2013.
    What's Included:
    * Word 2013 - Give documents a creative touch.
    * PowerPoint 2013 - Deliver more compelling presentations.
    * Excel 2013 - Bring numbers to life.
    * OneNote 2013 - Manage project notes efficiently.
    * Outlook 2013 - Take control of email.
    * Access 2013 - Build and share apps to help run your business.
    * Publisher 2013 - Create. Personalize, Distribute.
    * InfoPath 2013 - Streamline business and design sophisticated electronic forms.
    * Lync 2013 - Office integration, instant message, Video conferencing, App sharing.