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Family Drug Support Group Sydney Australia 1300 368 186 (24 Hrs) - Supporting families affected by alcohol and other drugs. - Support Group Supporting families affected by alcohol and other drugs and family members in drug rehabilitation.


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  • W. Calvin Morris "Doc Morris" - Very useful materialDavid Werner has assembled a wonderful primer for anyone rendering care in the third world. There is useful information for everyone from lay people to MDs, well worth the time it takes to read the book. I especially like the succinct treatment plans with common and inexpensive medications. Treating patients in the third world without a laboratory, X-ray, or other modern tools takes a different mindset that WHERE THERE IS NO DOCTOR puts into perspective.

    Strongly recommended. I'm taking a copy back to the mountains of Panama with me next week.
  • TexasotanJen - I Had No Idea ...When I bought this t-shirt for my husband as a Father's Day gift, I had no idea of the side-effects. Just two days after the shirt was delivered, I went into labor. I delivered a healthy baby boy. But the odd part was that he had a full beard and a righteous mullet. The doctors were amazed. I can only attribute it to the shirt. The power of the three-wolf-moon shirt is not to be taken lightly. Don't be surprised, ladies, if you give birth to babies who eat their steaks rare and howl at the moon all night. I have had to make my man swear not to wear the shirt if there is the slightest chance I may conceive again. Who knows what the shirt could create if it were around at conception?! Some things should be left undiscovered, I think.