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  • Salvador 29 - Cool calendarAs the title says, it's a cool calendar, it works, I gave this to my wife for christmas ans she liked it a lot, having a laugh looking at the different underwater dog pictures. Item arrived in good conditions. I believe it starts the week on sundays and not mondays, which is fine by me. This is my very first review of many more to come, I hope you found it helpful.
  • Jason B. - Great tablet for your money!!Get rid of the ads amazon!!I have a nook, ipad, kindle gen 1 and now I own two kindle fires gen2. Amazon knocked it outta the park on this handheld tablet! Very easy to use but does have a couple draw backs hate the button location on the device and hate the adds I wish I woulda bought no ads options on both a customer should NOT have to pay for this option amazon should be glad customers are buying there product instead of the other dozens of tablets on the market!!!! But other than that very user friendly. Have yet to purchase the new kindle fire xd to see if they improved all the improfections of the older kindle devices.
  • Karli S Hayden - More than helpfulWe used this book for the general travel information, Rome, Venice, Naples, and the island of Capri. (We also visited Bologna, but the book didn't include a section on it.) Each section was thorough and offered good insight into the city layout, flavor/culture and the best bets for activities and restaurants.

    One of my favorite features was the self-guided walks of attractions and through the heart of Rome, Naples, and Venice. If you have a smart phone or MP3 player, it's easy to use the accompanying audio guides.

    I hope there is a book for the next place I visit.
  • Isabel Jones - Extremely SatisfiedI found that this book was informative to the point that I didn't even use my text book. Entire second semester I used only this review book and found myself not only far more successful but really deeply understanding the history. Having stopped short at 1970 I received a 4 on the test. Had I finished the book I'm sure I or anyone for that matter would receive a 5. I wholeheartedly recommend!