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  • Modest Man Mike - Superb selection for Coldplay fansI bought this as a gift and was thoroughly impressed with the energy in this film. It does a great job of capturing what the guys are about and how well they try to bring the entire audience into a collective performance. If you are a Coldplay fan, this is an absolute must. If you "kinda like that one song on the radio" this will probably make you a fan. Every minute of the film has something good to offer. In general, the film is shot well and cut together fantastically. It does a great job of embracing the intimacy of what is happening on stage while also tuning you in to the vibe of the audience. And with this performance, Coldplay makes an extra effort to include everyone stadium wide where ever they went.
  • NDIrish11 - Way better than 2012The cover is more substantial, the pages receive highlighters much better than 2012 edition, and the color-on-every-page makes it so much easier to use and read than 2011 edition. If you're in your first two years and don't use First Aid by now, you should. Furthermore, 2013 is the issue to go with. Errata from 2012 has all been corrected, and I haven't seen any egregious typos or errors so far.
    I spoke with one of the contributing editors recently, and he highlighted another important aspect of this edition. It's pharmacology is MUCH more accurate, removing about 70 drugs from 2012 ed. that have been off the market in the US for as many as 40 years. While some have educational value, the USMLE does not test drugs not currently available.
  • happybuttiredmommy - 7&8-year-olds love itGlad I bought 2 sets (this one and the forest friends set). They were $20 each but you get lot of bang for the buck. Even though they aren't legos we'll be adding them to the lego bin when we're done. The kids will love making houses for all the animals.
    We'll definitely make this an annual tradition!
  • Guido Pip - Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel CremeOk, let's keep this puppy short and sweet.

    After a few late night beers, and a quick jig to Iggy Pop's Lust For Life, a 'friend' of mine stripped off his trousers and applied a liberal handful of said Veet to his undercarriage. Half an hour later, with baited breath, the results were surveyed.

    Unfortunately I do not possess the range of vocabulary to accurately, nor adequately, paint a sufficient picture of what the transformed scrotum resembled. So instead let me ask you, when convenient, to pop into the closest butcher and ask to see what a turkey neck looks like after it has been freshly plucked of feathers.

    'Nuff said.
  • Natalie Monson "Natalie Monson" - Great Customer Service, Great ProductI purchased this monitor for our third child as all of the other video monitors we have purchased (one for each of the previous children) broke. On the old monitors it was always the monitor device that broke and not the camera, so I like that this doesn't even have a monitor device, we just use our iPhones & iPad. The camera is very sturdy and works great. The picture is great quality, and the sound is good enough for a baby monitor. I read some reviews that the sound quality was not great on this monitor, and I think as long as you aren't expecting to be able to listen to music from your baby's room on your phone and have it be the same quality as in the room you probably won't be disappointed in the sound quality. I did have to pay for the app to use this on my phone, but it was only $13 and covers all of our Apple devices. I just factored that into the cost of buying the camera.

    I was initially able to get the monitor to work as long as our devices were connected to our home network but couldn't figure out the technicalities of getting it set up to work outside of our home network. I filled out the customer service request form on Wifi Baby's site and was able to schedule a service appointment with Gary from Wifi Baby the same day. He did a screen share and got everything set up perfectly for me. It was an awesome customer service experience. It really is very technical to set up the out of network viewing, so it was nice to have Gary just take over my computer and set it up for me. I'm not tech savvy and trying to follow the instructions for the set up over the phone would have been very difficult. I was really worried about not being able to get this to work based on other reviews, but it all works great after having customer service set it up for me. Overall I really like this product, and the customer service at Wifi Baby is awesome!