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  • twincreeks "twincreeksjeff" - Great all around jacket.I have worn this jacket for 3 or 4 years now. It is durable, standing up to repeated washings and a rough work environment. It is comfortable enough for all day wear on cool days, and warm enough on cold days. I bought it as a uniform jacket,but I wear it all the time, leaving my other jackets in the closet.Sized perfectly.
  • jsmeth - Its about the apps for me.First off, and I can't believe I'm still having to say this. Don't pay more than the MSRP for this device or any device for that matter.

    That being said, I did not get my Transformer Prime from Amazon, but rather was given one as a gift (they told me it came from Staples).

    I mostly use the device for work related functions, checking email, browsing the web, and taking notes during meetings. But there is some entertainment value added to it as well, such as games and watching videos. I've had mine now for about a month and I couldn't be happier with the device.

    I like the quick settings button, as I am calling it, it is a nice touch to quickly change the screen brightness, turn on and off wifi, and change the performance modes right from the bottom toolbar.

    I have had no problems with Ice Cream Sandwich, but I have no basis of comparison since I chose to update as soon as I recieved the device.

    To finish, this review is mostly about the apps. I love the apps that came pre-installed from Asus. I've connected the cloud storage to both my work and home computers and as long as I am connected to the internet I have access to my files and other things. I also really like that it comes with Splashtop remote desktop for free. I connected that to my work computer and couldn't be happier. It allows me to access software and applications on my tablet that I may not otherwise be able to connect to. Lastly I enjoy the Supernote app that came installed. This app allows me to not only type out notes, but I can write directly on the sceen and it will appear in the notebook. The organization features that allow you to create notebooks, and pages is also fantastic. (And let me say I am addicted to Zen Pinball, and some of the other Nvidia suggested games for the tegra 3 processor).

    I was already convinced before I saw one in real life that I wanted to get the transformer prime based simply on the hardware presented. But had I known how useful the pre-installed apps were going to be I would have attempted to get the prime much sooner.
  • Maureen Orozco - Very lightweight - My back is happyI'm very happy with this purchase. We have used the stroller for 4 months now and I highly recommend it.
    The stroller is very lightweight (especially important to me because I have a herniated back disc); it's very easy to fold and maneuver, and the click-in system (in combination with the B-Save car seat) makes my life easier. I originally wanted adjustable handlebars because my husband and I are pretty tall (6'1'' & 5'10'') but I'm glad to say I do not miss this feature at all because the stroller bars are long enough.
    I also like the large canopy that protects my baby from the sun and/or win.

    A couple of cons: the bassinet is quite small (we resolved the issue by attaching "stroller clips" to strap the diaper bag to the stroller); and there is no parent's console (I have found myself with a drink and no place to put it - so a cup holder is in the list of things to buy). If you are thinking about getting the red stroller keep in mind that it will show up stains and dirt a lot easier than the black one (I have kept the stroller clean by using cloths and water only).

    Overall, I really love this stroller. It's compact, good quality, and easy to use.
  • KSU0513Nicole - For the young AND young at heartThis game is just too cute! Raise your kitten/cub (and others too), decorate your house, and participate in fun activities. You can't help but go "Awwww" when your cub purrs and nuzzles up against you. The graphics are so lifelike. The activities are fun but also great exercise! The game tracks your every move with perfection (unlike some other Kinect flops you read about.) It's crazy how intelligent the Kinect is, and Kinectimals is a great game for kids and adults, alike.