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  • Joan M "loyalj" - Scenic Word PlayJess Walter from Spokane, Washington, not my destination hot spot, has put together many true life experiences, trips to beautiful Italy while imagining his favorite movie heros and lovely actresses from the 1960's into to this star struck plot. He creates images from a secluded Italian sea coast village to Hollywood, California movie offices with three tragic characters who will meet once again after 50 years. Lives change, people move forward and there are happy endings.
  • J Miller "Dr.Vinnie" - Five Big Stars for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 inch Wi-FiI sold my old HP Touchpad and researched all the newer Tablets including the IPad. I read so many reviews on the Galaxy Tab 2 that were excellent so I went with the Samsung. I am very well pleased. I bought a reconditioned one but it was just like a new one. No scratches, no marks or signs of usage. I ordered a book on the Tab 2 and this was Very Helpful! My wife has an IPad and I would not trade mine for three of hers. No big fight here! I don't touch hers and she doesn't touch mine. Consumer Reports Magazine loved it also. Five big stars for this product.
  • D. Rausch "" - Ah, yes, the Post-Waters PrejudiceMusic is just music. To me, this album is one of the best albums ever made. It is not a curveball into commercialism (nor was Momentary Lapse of Reason). When a band member has left, you must EXPECT a different sound - what surprises me, is how similar it is to old Floyd - not that the rest of the world doesn't disagree with me, of course - but don't think I don't know what I'm talking about. The early Floyd was about painting a picture, an ambience, a work of art, not a series of singles and/or filler. The Division Bell has something in common with the older works. It too, is more than just a series of singles and/or filler. So what if a song appeals to lots of people? Oftentimes, it's because the song is shallow and simple, yes, but sometimes the stars do line up right - and this is coming from a pessimist, mind you - and there is the same unified atmospheric creation to this that there is to Atom Heart Mother, it's just the songs are different lengths and the thematic material is different. Ok, and some instrumentation differences.... but still... "Poles Apart", "Coming Back to Life", "A Great Day for Freedom", "Lost for Words" ? If you want to zone out after a rough day, or meditate to music, or whatever you like not avoid this album. There is emotional spirituality in this album that is rarely found in music these days, or anywhere, for that matter. Avoid the prejudice and the album will love you back.