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  • Lalie - Excellent for keeping money under control!!!!!I love Quicken!!!! I've been using Quicken for years! I handle the money in the family. I recently decided to changed from Quicken Deluxe 2007 to 2011.
    This is great! This helps us keep up with all our bills and payments and even keeps up with times when the one billing us is wrong! I recently experienced this, thanks to keeping up with all our purchases. We are never late!
  • Feenie - Rephresh yourselfThis is doctor recommended. It actually works as it says it will. It's a good preventative remedy too. 2 thumbs up!
  • W. Bison - Covers a lot of ground, and does so relatively easilyMy spouse and I have each done 4 things with this product: (i) prepared our wills, (ii) prepared our durable power of attorney for finances, (iii) prepared health care directives, and (iv) prepared our last wishes. We did so in a matter of a couple hours as well, and with relative ease. In fact, it was harder for us to gather many of the phone numbers, emails, and addresses of people we were listing in our will than it was to delineate what our wishes were, and make other "will" and other similarly important decisions. The software walks you through things step by step, providing you detail on what the various sections do, what selecting certain items means and what to consider as you do so, and provides you with a pretty easy step-by-step process for filling these things out. Moreover, when all is said and done and you've created you doc (whatever that doc might be), when you finally print the doc WillMaker Plus also includes a few cover pages explaining next steps, like what still needs to be signed within the document packet, by whom, if attorneys or notary publics are needed and so forth. Very helpful. They also provide similar guide info for people like executors named in your will (or other such roles).

    If you're looking for a relatively quick, painless, and practical way to get some of your important docs squared away which aren't overly complicated, without going to a lawyer to do so, then this might be a good first place to start.
  • Skin Care Geek "More ... - A highly effective ance treatment product, but...Proaciv is a highly effective acne treatment brand but, here's the catch - you have to keep at it. Firstly, it takes a few weeks before you see significant results. This is the case for any acne treatment product really - you just HAVE to be consistent and give it time. So, folks looking for a quick solution to their problem (i.e. - clearing up your skin in time for prom or a wedding, for example) will be disappointed.

    Secondly, it is not a magic potion capable of "curing" acne. Once you stop using the product, your acne will return unless you take active steps to maintain the health of your skin. It is often believed that merely using a product can be the only change made to help your skin. Clear skin is about more than just using the right brands.... having clear skin is about understanding skin.

    Overall, I'd say use this product if you can afford to consistently buy it. If you can't, understand the ways to help keep your skin healthy since, if you don't take those steps, it's HIGHLY likely that you will be disappointed once you stop using Proactiv.