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  • Art DeBruyn - Biblical & BalancedAs a pastor of a smaller congregation and leader of a men’s bible study group, we were searching for a resource that brought a thoughtful and balanced voice to the topic. Brownson's book did not disappoint. His scholarship is extensive, and his insights are attentive to the sensitivity to the issue, both to the individual and the community of faith. As such, he thoroughly explores the strengths and weaknesses of both 'sides' of the issue, while also contributing a refreshing perspective on how to properly reframe the discussion in a way that fosters dialogue instead of acrimony. Our bible study group found it a welcome and trustworthy perspective that has contributed enormously to our own study and conversation.
  • M. Dean "fiction fan" - This program worksAfter being diagnosed with hypothyroid 2 years ago, I suddenly started to gain weight that I just couldn't lose. I even hired a great personal trainer for 4 months and went back on weight watchers - which had worked well for me before - but I still continued to gain weight and inches rapidly. I felt generally sluggish and lousy plus started to develop some odd gastrointestinal symptoms. I have never been a "sick person" so it was all really disorienting and depressing. My doctor tried some tests and adjusted thyroid meds, but acted as if it was just something I had to accept as the new normal. I found this book after seeing Haylie on Dr Oz. Her program makes a lot of sense, but is completely counter intuitive after so many years of weight watchers, south beach etc. If you bite the bullet, and follow it 100% for the 28 days, it will work miracles. It isn't hype. It simply worked for me. I just finished my third week and I have lost ~15lbs, but that isn't the best part. I feel like myself again. Energy is up, gastrointestinal oddities are gone & I look a lot better too. I still have ~30lbs to lose, but now I know that I can actually lose it while continuing to reboot my metabolism. (I have the book, ebook and app.) Two of my co-workers are now trying it after seeing how it worked for me. Thank you Haylie!
  • Rob Slaven "-- Rob Slaven" - An incredible canonical reference but with some caveats to keep in mindOK, so these books are basically canonical lists of all the coins on the planet. In tribute, I will say a few words in canonical list format.

    1. Do not, under any circumstances, pay list price for these things. It has been my experience that your local library book sale is probably giving these away for a dollar. Since they're reference guides, libraries turn these over every single year. Don't pay $50 when you can get them for $1 at the annual booksale. They'll be a year out of date but who cares.

    2. Remember, the prices listed here are RETAIL prices. If you take your collection to the coin shop to sell it you'll get ... well, not the prices listed.

    3. These don't change all that much from year to year and when they do it's generally to reflect a change in the price of gold or silver.