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City: Ashburn, Virginia

  • blackntanmomma - Spectacular little chair!Everywhere we go we get at least one couple who will stop and ask about this little chair. Our daughter has been using this chair since she was about 3 1/2 months old. As long as your kiddo can hold their head up, they can sit in this chair due to the ingenious design of the harness. My favorite parts are that the bag/chair folds up into itself and that it has an integrated pocket for your kiddo's goodies. We have taken this thing with us everywhere and I have not found a table yet that it won't work with. We even used it recently with one of those molded foldable banquet tables (over top of the table cloth) at a wedding and it worked wonderfully!
  • Michelle Parker - Truly a blessingWe tried many over the counter and prescription products for my son's acne. None worked as well as the Exposed Skin care acne treatment basic kit. His skin was clear in a few weeks and continues to use the product daily with great results. We like to gentle combination of conventional and homeopathic medicines we found in this product.This product is truly a blessing.
  • Raymond R. Yap - Didn't believe it would work at firstThis was just recommended by a friend. Although I did not really have a big problem with bad breath, I did have occassional bouts with it specially when I eat certain types of food or drink coffee. What intrigued me was my friend saying it will remove bad morning breath which I could not believe.

    Whoa and behold, it did work. Your breath in the morning will not be minty and fresh but there is absolutely no odor. Its like something neutral. If this is possible then it works wonders during the day without any problem.

    There instructions say a capful twice a day. I actually use only 2/3 of capfull and only every morning and it works fine. This means that people with bigger breath problems could do it twice or maybe try some of the other Dr. Katz product along with this like the toothpaste if needed.

    Be sure to gargle 1.5 minutes minimum as recommended. I tried shorter than that and sometimes it does not work as well...
  • D. Crane - Fresh content, practical applicationI am in a new role where I am working on eCommerce learning plans for a large packaged goods manufacturer. I'm not a student and I don't have the luxury of spending 3 months to get up to speed on the topic so this book was perfect. The content is probably topical for at least another 12-18 months. If you need guidance in this space fast I felt this book was worth the investment.
  • Lisa L. Oneill - Lovin the lavender queenI'll fess up at the front that I know Jeannie & Robb, but after reading her book, I know -- and respect -- them more so. What an interesting journey in every sense of the word. Not everyone has the material with which to share such a fascinating read, yet Jeannie shares the ups and downs with beautiful writing that lets her down-to-earth personality shine through.

    Being a woman who can relate to more than a few of her experiences, from rollicking days in NYC, to being swept off her feet by an often stubborn man, to children and the post-partum freak-out, this was a pleasurable and often emotional read.

    Jeannie's a real talent with loads of courage. I'm betting there could be a part 2... Excelente!