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  • Ken Berglund - The Best Rock Album of All Time!A masterpiece in every sense of the word. Pink Floyd's epic, sprawling tome on loneliness and isolation should be in every serious rock collectors shelf. There isn't any album out there that sounds anything like this, and probably never will. It also contains the greatest Pink Floyd song of all time, "Comfortably Numb". Forget Eminem, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, or whoever the flavor of the month is, this IS Rock and Roll.
  • Pen Name - Amazing!I have acne bc of medication I take. In two years I have only been able to maintain partially clear skin. I have had this product 3 days and my problem areas are almost clear. As far as other reviews about the price if you have true acne you've already spent hundreds on products that just don't work. This work's and fast no need to wait weeks for results. If you're like me and can't find anything past maintaining semi clear skin buy this product.
  • Bubba "Bub" - Very unique OrnamentFirst of all it was larger then I expected. Sound is excellent, my wife likes it so much we ordered another one for a gift. Takes 3 AAA batteries, (not included). The colors are bright and it looks good on Tree. Grand kids will love changing the date and listening to message. I'm sure it will get a lot of use. Price not bad compared to some other Hallmark ornaments.
  • novia123 - Raw Meal - Garden of Life Review2 scoops of raw meal in 8 ounces of a berry flavored crystal light drink mix fills me up for hours. It gives me a smooth, calm energy. I have only used this product for a week, but it tastes kind of sweet when I mix it with the crystal light, and while it doesnt taste as good as a fast food milkshake, who cares, when I know how essential all the nutrients are for me, and the fact that it is slightly grainy or gritty in texture is almost non important, since I know it is so good for me. I do not regularly cook wholesome, organic meals for myself containing the recommended amounts of vegetables, grains, etc. I appreciate the fact that I can get more nuturients from mixing two scoops of this Raw Meal into 8 oz of juice than I could by cooking a time consuming meal for myself. So when I factor in the time I am saving by not having to shop for and cook a meal that would provide for me as many nutrients as Raw Meal does, I feel it makes more sense to purchase a $41.00 2.6 pound tub of Raw Meal that I can quickly and easily use in place of a couple of meals a day. I don't know how much per meal it works out to when you calculate using two scoops of raw meal in juice as one meal, but the convenience and nutritional value alone make the $41.00 cost of one 2.6 pound tub of Raw Meal worth it to me.
  • Matroskin - Magical Wolves PowersI got four of these , one for each member of our pack. We are going to take part in a race later this summer and will be sporting these magical shirts. We need the ancient sorcery of the wolves to guide and protect us. Thank you Amazon and The Mountain for making it happen!
    Step aside skeptics, or better yet, join us! The howling brotherhood of the wolves revolution!!!
    By the way, the shirts are very good quality, true to size and awesome!