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  • Tommy Boy - Wish I had bought this a long time ago!I received this lens a couple of weeks ago and I am very impressed. I'm using it on a Rebel XT and a 40D and it has filled the ultra wide angle/wide angle gap with my lenses. It adds a whole other dimension to my photography which I could never achieve with my 24-105L IS. And the minimum focusing depth (9.5") is great for those close up effects especially of my baby girl. If your on the fence about this lens don't be. Get it and enjoy!
  • Kristina - Awesome GameI tried the game when my boyfriend talked me into doing the free trial.. Let's just say that it did not take me long to be convinced that it would be a game that I would be willing to play. I find that I love the magical powers, I have played the wizard, which was pretty awesome, and then I played the witch doctor until I unfortunately died on level 8 of hardcore.

    Finally something that my boyfriend and I can do together and have fun doing.
  • "Bad" Idea - A new lease on lifeFor years i had wondered what little Jim (because you go there for a work out) would look like with a new and stylish hair cut. Stephan, my hair dresser, has always recommended that I get my eye brows waxed as he claims it would open up my eyes and remove 10 to 15 pounds of hair from my brow, easing strain on my neck and preventing scratching my corneas prematurely.

    So i thought, why stop at the eye brows. Surely Jim deserves a new lease on life as well. I mean, he gets very hot in there and begins to smell like a giants sock that got left in the corner of the bathroom for two weeks following playing in a mud puddle.

    As any male would do, I paid off reading the label. If i didn't read them when replacing the brakes on my grandmas 1992 Pintara, I certainly wouldn't for this. Setting myself up for success, I attempted this after enjoying six scotches (to numb the pain) and lowered myself into a dry bath with the plan of banging on the water when the time was up to scrub away what resembled tom seleck wearing an oversized spider on his head. I imagined the warm water rushing over the smooth as eggs marbles and a deceptively bigger looking Jim. Jim would frolic in the water while I lavished attention on him, and we would be the happier for it.

    Needless to say, 30 mins later i woke up to a piercing scream that sounded somewhere between Alanis Morrisette singing opera and a baboon that just ate its own turd for the first time. It took me a few minutes to realise that this sound was emitting from my own throat. Jim now resembled a midget in a bright red swim suit cowering in fear in the corner of a room, sitting on an equally bright red bean bag.

    It has now been 2 weeks. The medicated hand lotion that I rub into the team hourly has eased most of the pain. Pants are now able to be worn when moving around without Jim causing my brain to implode, and he is now able to be handled without the use of a soft felt cloth, cotton balls and a lot of TLC.

    All in all, I would recommend the experience to all. It now looks like two slightly sunburnt looking "`Mini-me's" hanging below a more resourceful, more dynamic, more capable and certainly a well groomed Jim. Of a side note, both my parents and the treating doctors at the emergency ward commented on how smooth and well groomed the package looks. It's a shame the rest of my body still looks like the wolf man having sex with a Yeti.
  • Katie Jennings - Very InterestingFor anyone who is scientifically-minded (like me), this book contains a wealth of knowledge, providing plenty of examples and backing up its suggestions with proof. More guys need to read this! Men! If you want more dates, follow this guide! And of course the book was written by a woman, so there's a lot of stuff for us gals too. It helps one to understand the opposite sex.