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  • txtech10 - great study materialI really enjoy this review book, Recommended for Graduate Nurses, about to take Boards (obviously). I was torn between taking the online HURST vs. online Kaplan review course....However, ended up taking the HURST review. I heard great things about KAPLAN hoever, so ended up buying this book for more study help. I highly recommend purchasing this book and working through it before taking NCLEX.
  • Ashley Dohmann - Very InformativeI have found Emily Oster's book very well written, interesting, and informative. She has obviously done a lot of careful research, and has done a good job of objectively laying out the facts and options without offering a definitive opinion on most topics. Her whole point is to encourage expectant mothers to make informed, data-driven decisions, rather than relying on old wives tales or unsupported recommendations that limit women unnecessarily.

    Those who say that she is offering medical advice despite the fact that she is an economist rather than a medical professional have CLEARLY not read the book. She is an expert in her field, and that involves data-driven decision making, which is the topic explored in this book.