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  • Alex Nayeri - Pink Floyd Album to have!If you are a Pink Floyd lover, this is an album to own and listen to often. It is truly a masterpiece! I never get tired to listening to it because it so well made and lyrics are so well written that, in my opinion, it will never get old no matter how often you listen to it. It is truly a timeless piece!

    I recommend to anybody who appreciate an artistic musical piece!
  • Kylie - Elaine I owe you so much, completely cured of UCSCD gave me my life back and completely cured me of my ulcerative colitis. I have 2 clear colonoscopies to confirm that I no longer suffer from UC. I have been well now for about 5 years and am now cautiously introducing some non SCD foods.

    I came down with UC in 2003 after the birth of my son. The meds i was given helped but did not stop me from having flares and they seemed to become less effective over time. It reached the point where every day of my life was ruled by my gut and i was continually tormented with symptoms. I found discussion about SCD on the internet. After reading a book by Raman Prasad called Colitis and Me i was so convinced that SCD had helped him, that I decided to give it a go.

    I noticed a positive effect after about 3 weeks. After several months I was completely fine and stupidly decided to re-introduce some non SCD foods. I continued to be fine for several months and then had the flare from hell. I re-introduced full SCD but it took ages to get that flare under control. I was continuing with meds throughout this time. After having such a horrible flare I was completely committed to SCD and plugged away with it. I had another flare even though i was compliant with SCD, however it turned out that this flare was the last flare I ever had. After working through that flare I have been in good health for about 5 years now. I have had 2 colonoscopies each separated by 2 years and each completely clear. I have now ceased taking the small remission dose of medication that I used to take and continue to be well.

    I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that SCD is what healed me (however I think it helped to also continue with meds until completely well and beyond for a while). A cynic reading this might say that maybe I just got better on the medication, but I know the SCD was critical because I know how much better I felt on the food - I could feel how this food was more digestible and gave me a fighting chance. I also know how poorly I was doing on the meds before I introduced SCD into my arsenal.

    I think the most important thing for someone trying SCD to remember is that it may not work instantly and you may still have flares in the early stages. UC is a tough disease and it took your body a long time to get sick so it may take a long time to get well too. If you persist through ups and downs hopefully you will have the same perfect result that I did. It's also important to pay attention to how foods affect you specifically and avoid any foods that you can't digest (even though SCD legal) until your digestion improves. In my case I could not handle raw fruit other than ripe bananas for a long time but cooked was OK. Also, during a flare I could not handle almond meal baking. The first type of nut product I could handle was nut butter (pecan or macadamia) - because it is smooth there were no rough bits to bother my inflamed gut. Over time I progressed and was gradually able to handle all SCD foods - even lentils and beans.

    After many years of good health I am now cautiously experimenting with SCD illegal foods - treats like chocolate and icecream. No problems, however I am still cautious.

    I would like to thank Elaine for all her hard work and selflessness in studying and writing her book so she should spread the word about what she had learned through her daughter.
  • Max Power "Max Power" - Tastes like grains.I'm a vegan, no dairy or egg for me. And I body-build. That is a hard combination to master, and you have to be somewhat careful about your diet. I'm lactose intolerant, and Whey makes it even worse. Eggs give me gas and egg mixes always have artificial flavors. Soy even gives me gas. Hemp gives me gas and is quite gritty. Rice and pea protein I can handle.

    This stuff is sprouted grains, which is great because the proteins become easier to digest when they are sprouted, and sprouting them also creates beneficial enzymes and probiotics. The taste is reminiscent of plain oatmeal or plain brown rice, which makes it a good candidate for adding some bulk and protein to fruit or yogurt smoothies. It is really easy to digest and is easy on my stomach. It doesn't give me any gas. It mixes easily and has no strange grit. Granted there is fiber, but it is very palatable. The enzymes and probiotics help break down the complex carbohydrates, proteins, and starches. Drinking this with some power-fruits makes me feel good,like I've had a healthy meal, not like I've taken a shortcut like protein extracts make me feel. My muscles are still hungry after protein extracts. Nothing is a substitute for whole, real food, like RAW MEAL provides. You'll still need to get antioxidants from fruits and veggies, but this is a good filler and your body will notice the difference.

    I mix this with fruit and tender vegetable leaves like spinach and kale, and it is great. It has a very neutral and natural flavor and never dominates a smoothie. I do not like it as much plain, but it is better than protein extracts plain. I think this is because it is not extracts or isolates. I can actually eat this stuff on top of oatmeal or cereal or yogurt and it is similar to ground flax seed.

    Too much concentrated protein in mega doses is actually very hard on your body, and your liver especially, which has to work extra hard to filter out the excess protein it cant immediately use. Your body was not designed to be hit with megaloads of protein. It is much easier on your body and your gut if the protein is in a natural state, mixed in with fibers, starches, and antioxidants. And the enzymes and probiotics lets your body utilize those things to their maximum efficiency.

    This paragraph might gross out a few people, but to get personal, my bowels get loose as heck with protein isolates, my body just wants it out. And I feel like all the nutrients are literally just flushed down the toilet. With RAW MEAL my stools are normal.

    Anyway, hope that helps.