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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: Montreal, Quebec

  • John B - Heavy dutyI've had many Jeeps and had hood locks on all; this is the heaviest and best designed i've ever seen. It's OEM, uses the vehicle ignition key (no extra keys). Easy to key and install, with one exception; the unit is fastened with four 1/4" steel rivets. A rivet this size requires a "big" tool, not the normal tool box size tool. Maybe a tool rental place would have one. Even then it is a very good squeeze to set these rivets. Properly installed you will be very happy.
  • Rutha DeJesus - By this. Use this.I saw a recommendation on You Tube. The young lady said it was a 'must have' feminine hygiene product. I am soooo happy I ordered this. This doesn't leave you with a "fresh feeling" - you really are fresh. It does no harm down there, my doctor (female) told me. I just love the idea of not using chemicals that disrupt the ph balance. This is the best!!!
  • C. Van Youngman "Grey Beard Loon" - Grist for would be scientists and Dawkins fans.If you're not a Dawkins fan you obviously haven't read The Selfish Gene, the book that let non biologists understand Darwin and his dangerous implications to the world's ignorant. This is a delightful autobiography that takes us to that book's initial publication. Our breaths are held for #2. Anybody who can invent a word such as "meme" that goes memetically viral is worthy of a wide audience.
  • Shady - Great drive.I got this drive to add on to my Mac mini media server. I formatted it and started loading it up with rips of my Blu-Rays and DVD's right away. It runs super quiet and fairly cool considering the room my server is in has no A/C. I would definitely purchase another and may do so for iPhoto and iMovie backups.
  • James L Puthuff "James L Puthuff" - I love this Antivirus programI'm a Computer Consultant and I use WEB Root for all my clients. It's up-to-date and it keeps virus, Trojans, and malware out of every computer I use it on. I've tried other antivirus programs and this is the one I like best. I would purchase from this vendor again and would recommend this site to my friends and associates.